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GNE Highwayman Solar

gne logo

The Highwayman services received an upgrade from the Wright ‘Classic’ vehicles to Scania L94UB / Wright Solar’s of varying ages and background. Some of them transferred from Deptford which were the ex Orbit Solars used on the X36/X37 services at the time. Some came from Percy Main from the NINE service and others got taken from being white reserves. The oddity Solar 4940 NK51 OLB was also transferred for the services and is unique in having a Hanover Flip-Dot display instead of the others which have Hanover LED Displays. They were all repainted into a simplified version of the Highwayman livery sporting a similar logo coloured in orange instead of grey and the Highwayman image positioned to the right of the writing instead of behind it was previously.  Here, ex Northern liveried NK51 OLB is seen in the Highwayman livery.

4940 Highwayman



  1. Love it!

  2. To Tom,



  3. I Always Have Liked Any Livery On Any Bus If The Livery Was Green Based, This Bus I Lovely, And The New Creative Commons Licence Doesen’t Spoil It Attall!

  4. I know this will be in nets in the news, but could you do me a SNE E300 MAN please.

  5. To Dan,

    Thanks, although this particular brand I was very dissapointed with as it looks far too plain.


  6. To Jim,

    SNE don’t have new MAN’s so which peice of newsorthy infromation are you on about here Jim?


  7. Jim,
    The Only New MAN E300s That I Know Of Are In Aberdeen And They Are The E350Hs. They Are Scottish So If I Am Not Mistaken (please correct me if i am wrong) Ron And Tons Blog Don’t Do Vehicles From Scotland Unless Requested During The Short Period Of Time That Requests Are Taken And Since Request Haven’t Been Open Since February 28th Then No One Has Requested One. Are You Sure It Wasn’t Stagecoach North West That Has Had Them In England?

  8. To Dan,

    MAN used to engine all of Stagecoach’s ADL single decker products until in 2009 when MAN wouldn’t develop a Euro5 compliant engine. Therefore subsequent orders are integrals, as in the case of the E350H’s. Although, Scania do provide chassis’ and engines for some ADL products for Stagecoach’s higher quality routes.


  9. Nice job Keiron! You’re speeding through the nets in the news and requests list! Way to go mate!


  10. To Marcus,

    Thank you, since its the holidays I have had time to sit and do some.


  11. When will the transdev be done by please

  12. To V209 EBV,

    It should be finished this weekend.


  13. Ok

  14. When will the crusader Citaro will be done?

  15. To Bazza90,

    Since its right at the bottom of the list it will be on in a few months dimply because I am so far behind in the nets and the time they take to create.


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