Posted by: SB Websites | April 4, 2013

Fleet Buzz Optare Versa


Fleet Buzz were a small independent operator connecting communities across North Hampshire and parts of Surrey and Berkshire using a smart black and yellow livery. This was until they were bought out by the Stagecoach group who operate it as it’s own division keeping the Fleet Buzz identity. The only major difference the company has made to the Fleet Buzz company is the larger focus on marketing such as advertisements for their £15 weekly ticket and the Reading City Weekly Saver at £10. Another addition was the application of branding on the rear of the Optare Versa’s with messages such as ‘Sounds like a plan’ …..says Stan and ‘Keeps the air sweet’ …..thinks Pete. Here ‘Pete’ MX09 AOK is seen branded for the 72 and 82 services and fleet numbered as 25249 in the national UK Stagecoach fleet numbering scheme.




  1. This Looks Great! If Only The 10 And 11 Had Buses As Smart As This

  2. I Can’t Wait To See The New TEN Livery On This Blog

  3. lovely

  4. hi mate plaease check out mu presevation buses

  5. An absolutely amazing bus. You are one of the best paperbus makers on wordpress!

  6. To Dan,

    I do like the livey despite it’s simplicity.


  7. To Dan,

    It should appear within the next few months hopefully.


  8. To Jim,

    Thanks for that, I do spend a lot of time and effort to make them.


  9. Oh and also the offside window frames aren’t there

  10. Keiron,
    On The Far Side Of The Bus There Are No Window Frames Atall
    The Window Frames And The Dark Grey Background Are Exactly The Same And If You Tried Flood Filling The Window Frames, The Grey Bodywork Would Probably Also Change Colour


  11. Jim, I know that they are there as I live RIGHT next to the 72 and 82 routes.
    Keiron, would you change the destination to “72 Reading vi”

  12. and you are right jim

  13. I’ve been on the 72and where do you live CDJ?

  14. Reading

  15. Oh!

  16. To Jim,

    There definitely are window frames on it


  17. To CDJ Websites,

    Since its you’re request yes, it will be changed sometime today.


  18. To Dan,

    I’m not sure where you are all getting this information from as they clearly do.


  19. To CDJ Websites,

    Are you able to supply me with a suitable photo of the destination in question?


  20. Nice job Keiron! Once again your work has not gone unnoticed!


  21. Hi,
    The Window Frames Are Definately There Now But When I First Looked They Weren’t, However I Looked Again Yesterday And They Were, Prehaps We Have All Got Problems With Our Computers!

  22. To Marcus,

    Thank you.


  23. The offside frames aren’t there

  24. To Dan,

    Must be then as even if the black surrounding the pillars was not visible you would then see the metal underworkings so they can’t simply not be there.


  25. To Jim,

    Can you please supply me with a photo where the frames are not there?


  26. I’ll supply an offside pic of the real bus


  28. well, the destinations scroll across, as you know(for the via) and the 72 goes to Reading too, so could you change it and add the offside window outlining? And can you include high detail lighting on the rear?

  29. To Jim,

    It is clearlyy obvious this has black paint, it’s just the angle that has thrown you. Why would it be like that in one photo but they are there in over 50 others?


  30. To CDJ Websites,

    Ahh right I understand now, I will do it for you now and they are the high quality lights, they are just that plain.


  31. and you have missed out the black framing

  32. To CDJ Websites,

    Which black framing? It was established that they did exist.


  33. they don’t exist on the offside, Dan and Keiron.

  34. CDJ Websites
    They Do Exist On Both Sides But It Can’t Be Seen From All Angles, Anyway People Are Allowed To Make Mistakes. The Sealant Between Two Pieces Of Window Frames Are Visable From Some Angles The Same As It Is With The Versas Of The Original Design In The North East. The Net !IS! Correct

  35. To CDJ Websites and Dan,

    Dan is correct, with a more frontal view the black overlay cannot be seen above the bodies window frame coverings. Don’t worry, as you are aware I go into a high level of detail and always check these kinds of things before doing the nets. Therefore can we end this topic please.


  36. Yes I Can And Will

  37. On the photo I sent you,Did you see the line between the body and window glass?

  38. but when I got a copy before Creative Commons, I repainted the sides and where the outline would be, it went the colour I selected, the whole grey area on that side, so is this worth ending?

  39. To CDJ Websites,

    I don’t quite understand what you mean?


  40. like I use Paint on Windows 7. I repainted the almost Black part on the offside, and where the black is, it went the colour I selected.

  41. Thanks for this local bus. It stops literally outside my outside my house. Could you do a route 80 Solo, a route 80 ALX200 and an 82 Caetano Nimbus.

  42. To Dan,

    Your welcome, although can you please read the Update on Requests before making a request.


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