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GNE The Angel Livery

gne logo

The 21 service has finally received a long awaited upgrade with the introduction of 15 Volvo B5LH / Wright Gemini 2’s with help from the Green Bus Fund. The Green Bus Fund basically persuades UK bus operators to purchase vehicles with hybrid technology by offering to pay a section of the price. Many bus companies throughout the country have bid for the Green bus Fund and many of them purchasing Enviro 400H’s and Volvo B5LH’s. The Gemini’s wear a brand new Angel livery giving a very modern look on bus travel with the vehicles sporting red e-leather headrests, free Wi-Fi connectivity and IBIS automated Next-stop technology announcements. With the introduction of the hybrids, the 21 received some timetable changes with the Newcastle to Chester-le-Street section operating up to every 7 to 8 minutes and the Chester-le-Street to Durham section operating at 15 minute intervals. Alongside the hybrids there are 2 ex X9/X10 Wright Gemini 1’s registered NK06 JXB/E which are also painted into the same eye catching livery and from afar it is difficult to tell whether it is a Gemini 1 or 2 with the same level of paint being used. 3965 NK06 JXB and 6067 NK62 CYE are seen in the new Angel Livery.

3965 Angel

6067 Angel



  1. once again Keiron you have done a great job

  2. Very good

  3. erm… the fleet buzz bus?

  4. Hey dude looks pretty good 🙂

  5. Amazing mate! any dds or ss&s updates soon?

  6. Fabulous job Keiron and Matthew, well worth the wait!

  7. Great looking livery!

  8. To IJravel2711,

    Thanks for that, I am pleased with the finished piece.


  9. To CDJ Websites,

    The request list had been opened and I had already started the hybrid angel so you must wait your turn.


  10. To mb148,

    Thanks for that.


  11. To Daryl,

    There should be one during the Easter Holidays hopefully.


  12. To Marcus,

    Thanks for that, it was certainly a challenge.


  13. can anyone do decent stagecoach repaints as i am rubbish at doing them and want to know if anyone could repaint a couple of buses for me

  14. Swanline,
    Can You Tell Me What Bus Types They Are, I Can Do Them But Only On A Few Types Of Buses

  15. Swanline I can 🙂 Thanks for your request’s but can you please tell me what reg / fleets you want?

  16. Can I have an E300 painted into stagecoach livery with fleetnumber 27833 reg GX62BUV thanks

  17. I can Swanline!

  18. nice bus

  19. could ya do the crusader citaros please

  20. To Mr H,

    It should have been already added to the Nets in the News section, my apologies.


  21. Oh with the Optare east lancs Centrebus can you put Luton town centre 10 via Biscot road on the front please.

  22. The number plate is KS62 VSL and Code is 709

  23. Please remember Optare east lancs scania single decker with Centrebus plain livery orange white and blue.
    here is the picture address again:

  24. on my link go into the Centrebus tab and scroll down as far as 709 K6 VML
    And I had the wrong number plate put up earlier.

  25. Sorry I have changed my mind I want Leighton buzzard X31 via Tesco’s on the front.

  26. If you cannot do an CENTREBUS OPTARE EAST LANCS could you be able to do an ARRIVA Wright Renown with Milton Keynes 70 via Leighton buzzard railway on the front please and thank you for reading me.

  27. If you cannot do either of my options can you do the bus in the link below
    Arriva The Shires Volvo Olympian 5141 N41JPP
    The reg is N41 JPP and Fleet number 5141 with LUTON 24
    as the route this is a very good challenge for you hope you can do one of my requests

  28. To Charlie,

    I asked you to read the information provided and you clearly haven’t. Its rather simple to understand but once again I will have to explain, you cannot submit a net for request until told to do so. Please check the Update on Requests on the first post of the Homepage.


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