Posted by: SB Websites | February 16, 2013

Arriva Merseyside Pulsar 2

Arriva Logo

Arriva Merseyside have a generally modern fleet compared to other divisions and have a strong influence in the urban area of Liverpool meaning investments for new vehicles are constant due to the high level of revenue they receive.  Therefore, keeping to the Arriva VDL connection, regular purchases arrive in the form of the lightweight VDL SB200 chassis built underneath the stylish Wright Millennium bodywork. When Wright’s bodywork is linked with the VDL chassis it is known as the Pulsar 2 with a Volvo chassis being known as the Eclipse 2, MAN known as the Meridian and a Scania is known as the Solar. Here a typical purchase is seen working service 410 to new Brighton in the form of MX12 KWS.




  1. If your accepting requests now can you do Plymouth Citybus Plaxton President please

  2. Can you do Arriva Derby 4224, FJ58KXY on route 38 to sinfin please

  3. To Patrick,

    Please read the update on requests on the first post on the Homepage.


  4. To Blackpool Tram Nets,

    Please read the update on requests on the first post on the Homepage.


  5. Thanks Keiron, looks pretty good that! 🙂

  6. To Joel,

    Thanks, if you compare it with the Peter Fray one I have improved a few features such as the window lines and windscreen.


  7. Hi Keiron, could you possibly do this net please? YN53 GXJ its in Stagecoach Livery with First Interior. its now operated by Stagecoach Merseyside & Southlancashire.

  8. Hi,
    This has been added to the requests list.


  9. Can I request BX02 YYP in Portway P&R livery thanks

  10. To First Bus Photos,

    Sorry, the request session has now closed.


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