Posted by: SB Websites | January 15, 2013

Stagecoach Sheffield ELC Spryte


Stagecoach Sheffield have an interesting fleet and seem to be one of the higher standard divisions with cheap fares and a bustling markerting scheme for many routes. They also have a generally modern fleet but there is an oddity batch of Darts with East Lancs Spryte bodywork. One here is seen below in the form of T142 JKY.




  1. looks good i miss the Volvo B6le’s they ran at rawmarsh depot and anychance of doing a magic bus version of this but 33245?

  2. VERY nice. This bus looks very nice indeed. The handles although are Green, not yellow, but this looks really good.

  3. To Swanline,

    These particular examples have a Dennis Dart SLF chassis rather than the Volvo B6BLE.


  4. To Connor,

    Thanks for that, it will be changed now.


  5. Could you do a Plymouth Citybus Volvo B7TL Plaxton President like

    Plymouth Citybus 424 (X558 EGK)
    Plymouth Citybus 427 Y812TGH

    with Destination Not In Service or Private Hire Please

  6. Could you do a fleet buzz optare versa mk1 in the new buzzing bee 72/82 livery?

  7. Hi Keiron, I was just wondering when the Wright Pulsar 2 shall be published???? Thanks…

  8. To Patrick,

    Sorry, but requests are not currently being accepted.


  9. To CDJ Websites,

    We are currently not accepting requests, please continually check the update on the first post before posting a comment.


  10. To Joel,

    Hopefully later today.


  11. Okay thanks 🙂

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