Posted by: SB Websites | December 28, 2012

Arriva Northumbria New Coast and Castles Connections Livery

Arriva Logo

Earlier this year, Arriva gave the Coast and Castles Connections Services 501, 505 and 518 an overhaul which included renumbering the services to X15 and X18, a new livery and replacing the Olympians work with the Dennis Trident / ADL Enviro 400’s. The new livery is very simplistic compared to the original and consists of a Castle outline in Arriva style and then lettering either advertising the services as a whole or the Castles of Bamburgh and Warkworth. Below is Lowlander 7454 in the Warkworth version of the livery and Enviro 400 7508 wearing the generic livery.

7454 Coast&Castles Connections

7508 Coast and Castles Connections



  1. That Enviro 400 is really good. I love how you’ve added all the curves so it looks a little real, and you even used shading on the windows! This is amazing, well done. This paper bus website has improved a lot, and it’s going to be so good in the future!

    From Connor

  2. To Connor,

    Thanks for that, as Peter Fray made nets in his later years I have noticed the more modern vehicles have some key features missing so now when a net is being created I check to see if the blank net is up to scratch such as the roofline on the Enviro 400 and Solo SR.


  3. Yeah, I’ve been trying to change the B9TL Gemini, as it has a part that sticks out at the back, and I’ve been trying that. Can’t get it right though. XD


  4. To Robloxrocks919,

    Yes, it is likely that I will develop it myself when the Angel Hybrid net is released.


  5. Now that look very good I think it would look good on a Gemini hybrid

  6. To Phillip,

    Yes, it would look good although a hybrid wouldn’t really be suitable for a route of the X15/X18’s length.


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