Posted by: SB Websites | December 27, 2012

Arriva North West Solo SR

Arriva Logo

Arriva are a humble customer of VDL Bus by purchasing large amounts of  SB200’s and DB300’s with Wrightbus Pulsar bodywork. Although, Arriva tend to buy from Optare when looking for vehicles of a ‘Mini’ or ‘Midi’ size. One such subsidiary that acquired Optare products recently is the North West who purchased 8 Optare Solo SR M970’s to revitalise the Macclesfield local routes. They are branded with subtle branding for ‘Silktown Link’s and are seen on many of the local services. 701 MX12 KVT is seen below wearing the livery.




  1. Wow!!! This is SICK! Thanks Keiron!

  2. when is T142 JKY getting uploaded?

  3. To Jack,

    Thanks for that, I also improved the net from Peter Fray’s design to incorporate the curving roof line more closely.


  4. To Swanline,

    Im not sure, it should be sometime this week.


  5. ok thanks keiron

  6. looks nice, may I have a blank Optare Versa up to these standards (V1) please?(Daniel)

  7. Any updates for DDS? or SSS at all?? just wondering. Hope you have a good New Year and a good year for 2013! Peninsular Motors has received a fleet of 6 brand new Optare Versa’s registed YJ62 FLW/X/Y/Z/FMA/B! Coming Soon!

  8. To CDJ Websites,

    Unfortunately I only improve the nets for the ones I put on the blog so I don’t have the example you’re looking for although I do have V2 Versa in Trent Barton My15 livery and Arriva Interurban Livery.


  9. To Joel,

    At the moment I don’t, not much has happened an update would be pointless at the moment as there would be so little to talk about. Although when a decent amount of news comes about an update will be posted.


  10. so since I don’t have time, could you please send me the bus?

  11. To CDJ Websites,

    You can just take them off the blog as I havent got a blank version of them.


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