Posted by: SB Websites | December 23, 2012

Notts and Derby P910 CTO


Notts and Derby is a member of the Wellglade group which operates a variety of companies such as the famous Trent Barton, Centrebus and TM Travel across Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Sheffield. Notts and Derby operate a low quality fleet compromising of cast-offs from other members of the Wellglade Group such as Dennis Dart SLF’s and Northern Counties Paladins. Here, one such Dart (P910 CTO) is seen the standard livery working service 73.

P910 CTO



  1. as this is new,I LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. oh,and can you make me metrobus travel L720OMV Destination 358 to beckenham

  3. To Jim,

    How many more times do I have to say that requests are not being accepted. It is stated clearly at the top of the page and explains that you cannot submit another request until they are being accepted.


  4. i mean when the request list is empty

  5. who lives in basingstoke here?

  6. I can see this has the old roller destination blind! I used to love those but some drivers didn’t put much effort in and you couldn’t see the destination.


  7. To Marcus,

    In my opinion, Scroller Blinds are coming back in fashion if you organise and present them well. Local operator Scarlet Band buy new inserts all the time and they looks quite good.


  8. Is Scarlet Band the one where they have a couple of buses that sometimes pop into Durham Bus Station, and sometimes you see them on the outskirts of Durham. I think they have an Optare Solo with a bee on the side.


  9. To Marcus,

    Yes they are a small independent with a fairly healthy amount of services across County Durham. What you will have seen is the Hourly contracted 58 route to Hartlepool. Then, alongside this is the failed effort to compete with Arriva’s 49 service along the Durham – Brandon corridor which is branded as the ‘Brandon Buzzer’ service X49 which is probably what you saw. Here is a net of it:


  10. Good net by the way!


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