Posted by: SB Websites | December 23, 2012

Go North East Streetlite ERZ 2028

gne logo

Alongside the MAN CitySmart that was demonstrated earlier in the year Go North East also trialled an 11m Wright Streetlite which was painted in all over Silver. It was trialled on most of Sunderland’s local services such as the Simplicity services 36 and 42. Oddly, it is registered as ERZ 2028 and below is seen on the 36 service to Town End Farm.




  1. can this be lengthened to be a max version

  2. Can I Have R923JMV EX Stagecoach In Hull Olympian Palatine 1?

  3. To Joel,

    Requests are not being accepted as stated clearly in the post at the top of the page.


  4. happy new year đŸ˜›

  5. To Jim,

    And the same to you.


  6. i so hope GNE get some of these

  7. thx kieron

    signed jimmi

  8. To gonortheastbusfan,

    I havent actually ridden on one as of yet but out of the three they trialled the MAN CitySmart would defintely be the best option.


  9. ok. they look beautiful inside and have a smooth ride. i do like the city smart. dont like the versa as much though

  10. GNE Have Got Another One Of These Demonstrator Wright Streetlite Door Forwards On Route 56, Saw It In Newcastle Today, All Over White No Logos And A 13 Regestration Plate. I Didn’t See The Rest Of The Reg Or The Fleet Number, I Was Just Wondering If It Was Newsworthy Or Not. Sorry But I Forgot To Take Photos Of It

  11. To Dan,

    The Streetlite Demonstrator is working service 58 with a possible replacement of the Mercedes Artics.


  12. Oh Right, Are The Artics Not Carrying Enough People Then? I’m Suprised That A Midi Bus Is Being Trialled Before A Full Length Though. Has Anything Come Of The New Sunderland Midis Yet?

  13. To Dan,
    I think its down to reliability problems

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