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GNE Gemini 1 Northern Livery

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With the upgrade of the Tyne Tees Express X9 and X10 services earlier in the year, six of the seven branded Wright Gemini’s were displaced elsewhere, generally to make up the numbers on routes that used newer Gemini 2’s. This excluded 3964 NK06 JXC which became the sole Wright Gemini to wear Northern livery, where it is currently based at Sunderland Road (Gateshead) and sees use on a variety of services as shown below, with the destination blind set for the Citylink 58.

3964 Northern



  1. will you have any buses for sale soon?

  2. Hi Daryl,
    As far as I am aware there will not be any buses for sale soon.


  3. when are requests allowed

  4. when you see the request list blank

  5. To Jason,

    The nets take a varying amount of time so I can’t really give you a date for when they will be accepted.


  6. Hi there,

    Could I just ask, does it cost to request or buy a bus net, and also, will you be making a 21 green angel anytime soon? It’s just I don’t know if it has been requested.

  7. To Marcus,

    The website is completely free to use, to make a request and to use a net and print it. I only control the blog requests to make sure its fair and because I don’t update as regularly as I used to anymore so having a request list of 30 would take months to complete. As for the Green Angel if you look at the bar at the right hand side you will see a request list and then a Nets in the News section; the request section is basically a net that someone requests to be made whilst the Nets in the News section contains nets of vehicles that are newsworthy as the blog is actually North East based but due to popularity I thought it would be fair to make any nets from the UK.


  8. Thanks Keiron, you don’t get very much for free these days!
    I’ll request one when the list is open again.

    Thanks again, Marcus

  9. To Marcus,

    Yes, thanks for that.


  10. Hi Keiron and Matthew,

    As it is the 28th at last, I would like to make a few requests please;

    GNE 6056 The Angel 21 Newcastle
    GNE 6070 The Angel 21 Durham
    GNE 3983 Northern 844 Scholars All Welcome
    GNE 3821 Yellow Bus 887 Scholars All Welcome

    If any are undo-able I will understand. Just tell me if you need pictures or further information on them.

    Thanks anyway, Marcus

  11. Just noticed the stickypost, sorry


  12. Hi Marcus,
    The Angel will be the next paperbus uploaded to the site, the new Yellow Bus livery is in the nets in the news section and we have already done an example of a Vyking in Northern livery. Due to the website being North East focused, most North East nets are already produced, would you like to request another vehicle that hasnt already been done?


  13. Would it be possible to do a Northern Trident President flashing the new 1913 Northern 2013 treatment, possibly 3885 on the X22 going to the Metro Centre please.

    Thanks Matthew,

  14. Or if you wanted to use it for your Nets in the News section, I have noticed the new livery is there, that would be fab!


  15. Could I just ask how many Angels you are doing, and if the Gemini 1 will be amongst these

    Thanks, Marcus

  16. To Marcus,

    I have currently done 6067 and i’m in the process of building 3965 at the moment.


  17. Ok Keiron, cheers mate! I’ve already printed several copies of them so I have 15 Gemini 2’s and 2 Gemini 1’s, just like in real life. My current project is to build a model of Chester depot, Cath has given me all the details but since she is getting transferred to Deptford to become Service Delivery Manager and Assistant Depot Manager, my creation may be a bit incorrect. Today was her last day at Chester, I printed 6067 off and made it for her as a goodbye present, and since she’s never driven one of the Gemini 21’s before. Just proves how good blogs and websites like this can be!

    Keep up the good work

  18. To Marcus,

    Thanks for that, my nets have been to some interesting places such as the Arriva North East manager having a cut out of an X40 liveried MPD on his desk.


  19. To Keiron,

    During my time of knowing Cath, I had given her (amongst many others), your angel, your pronto, your lime, pretty much all your services at Chester, a few from Deptford and a Vyking. In all the depots, they have a wall where anything that is given to the drivers is placed on. If you had a look at Chester’s wall you wouldn’t be able to count the amount of your bus nets I have given them for good services!

    Once again, keep it up!

  20. To Marcus,

    Thank you very much for that, its great seeing my work going places.


  21. To Keiron

    You’re more than welcome. I have been granted perimission for a tour of Chester garage, if you want any pics of specific areas or specific buses I will try and get you some snaps!


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