Posted by: SB Websites | November 13, 2012

Stuarts Olympian M395 JGB

Stuarts Coaches are an independent operator based in Carluke, Scotland. They operate a small number of school operations using many cascaded step-entrance double deckers. They also operate a few commercial and contract services in the area and have a wide variety of coaches for holidays and trips. Dublin Bus have withdrawn a large amount of their reliable Alexander R Types and one M395 JGB now resides within Stuarts fleet. It is painted  in the school services livery of blue and grey which is seen below.



  1. that looks great thanks for doing it:)

  2. oh very nice mate, love the dublins

  3. Hello,
    I gave the wrong photo of the bus for my request Stagecoach Sheffield. I was looking for T142 JKY and that came up and I didn’t notice. Please change to this:

  4. look like go north east geting some new buses soon see link for plc

  5. To David,

    No problem.


  6. To IJTravel2711,

    Thanks Iwan.


  7. To Connor,

    Thanks for that, this has now been changed.


  8. To Sam,

    That Versa is the new 11.7m model and is currently a Go-Ahead Group demonstrator and being trialled with all the companies. Go North East is the first to demonstrate it which is why it has their standard interior and logo on the side.


  9. can you 9106 on demo on x1 plase

  10. To Sam,

    Please refer to Update on Requests section on the stickypost.


  11. why have you not updated you have not updated for 4 weeks now so can you up date plase

  12. Sams Nets

    There is no need to be cheeky man, people do have lives as well as there blogs! Pleas do be patient thanks

  13. To Sam,

    I am very busy at the moment and you need to remember I do have a life as well as this blog.


  14. To Joel,

    Thanks for that as you are correct.


  15. No worries anything to help a fellow enthusiast out 🙂 Have a good Christmas

  16. christmas eve alreadyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. I like private, smaller independants like Stuarts, I believe some of GNE’s Palatine 1’s were bought by them. Nice livery by the way, I like plain, normal fleet livery’s where they all look smart when lined up together. By the way, you can call me Mark if you like.


  18. To Marcus,

    Smaller independents are usually better because they work on a more local level and gain a good reputation making more customers use their services.


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