Posted by: SB Websites | October 20, 2012

Oxford Brookesbus Enviro 400

Oxford Bus Company operate a variety of services across Oxford City for general commuters and students from the famous Universities. One of these Universities is Brookes which is located to the East and is served through the Brookesbus network. Oxford Bus Company operate 10 Scania N320UD / ADL Enviro 400’s on services linking the City Centre and surrounding areas with the Oxford Brookes University. They all wear a blue based livery with white line drawings of various different things to do with the University and the service. Keeping in line with Oxford Bus Companies craze of privately licensing all their vehicles AF09 OXF shows off the Brookesbus livery below.



  1. Looks Amazing Keiron

  2. thanks mate for doing this, its a great bit of work

  3. Hey,

    Is it possible to change my order of Stagecoach Sheffield W518 CCK to this?

    Admin of Jacks Paper Bus Nets

  4. Very nice can’t wait my Stuarts Olympian

  5. To Patrick,

    Thanks Patrick, it is a very nice livery.


  6. To IJTravel2711,

    No problem and thanks very much.


  7. To Connor,

    To make it a fair system on others once a request has been made you can’t change it.


  8. To Davidn12,

    Thanks David, your Stuarts Olympian should be on here sometime next week.


  9. Could you do a paper bus of one of the Oxford Bus Company Mercedes Citaro and do one as well for Thames Travel too in fact both of these bus company’s in Oxford are part of the Go Ahead Group just like Go North East.

  10. To Chris,

    Please refer to Update on Requests section on the stickypost.


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