Posted by: SB Websites | October 20, 2012

GNE New Tyne Tees Express Livery

The long-awaited X9 and X10 upgrade finally came to fruition with the arrival of 6 brand new Volvo B9TL / Wright Gemini 2’s. They feature Wi-Fi connectivity, comfortable Civic Esteban seats and plug sockets to charge phones and laptops. Also, very strangely Gemini 2 6045 NK12 GCV has red e-leather headrests whereas the others have standard cloth ones. They are all painted into the new and attractive Tyne Tees Express Livery of metallic plum and gold with the logos of the features that are included on the service depicted on the side and rear. Another interesting feature is the coloured display showing the number with a coloured background as suppose to the normal coloured number outlined in white. To operate effectively with branded vehicles, ex X9/X10 Volvo B7TL / Wright Gemini 1 3963 NK06 JXD is also painted into the same livery as a reserve. Below is 3963 and 6043 showing off the new livery.



  1. What is Ron and Tons favorite bus?

  2. To Pedro,

    My personal favourite is Arriva Durham County Scania OmniCity CN94UB 4664 NK07 FZG. It is fitted with lather Civic Esteban seats and is the only allocated to Durham depot.


  3. Hi There, Can You Make R923JMV Stagecoach Northern Counties Palatine 1? 16880?

  4. Hi Joel,
    Requests are not being accepted at present.


  5. when is the next DDS update and have you got any buses for sale

  6. To Swanline,

    It is currently not known when the next update will appear on the blog since there currently is no news for the company.


  7. ok fair enough

  8. Please cancel my request, I have something to ask for. May I have a SCANIA OmniCity Single Deck demonstrator for Reading Buses?

  9. TO CDJ Websites,

    Once you have submitted a request you are not able to change it. Connor Seymour asked for the same process but I also said no.


  10. 6043 Turned Up On A School Bus Service Yesterday. I Can’t Remember Which Route But It Was Seen With Schoolchildren Onboard Outside Kenton School Yesterday Afternoon. 3963 Is Also A Regular Attendar On School Services At Kenton School

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