Posted by: SB Websites | September 30, 2012

Transdev Harrogate City Connect Gemini

Transdev are considered as the highest quality operator in the UK. They have core express routes to small town services and all of these are operated with high-class livery designs and cutting edge vehicles. The 36 linking Leeds, Harrogate and Ripon operates every 15 minutes Monday to Saturday daytimes using Wright Gemini 2’s. But these aren’t just ordinary Wright Gemini’s, they are actually are Volvo B7TL Wright Eclipse Gemini 1’s that have been re-bodied with looks of the new release Gemini 2. In 2011 Transdev refurbished their Gemini’s with the new look and gave them a full internal refurbishment with high back leather coach seating upstairs in a 2+1 layout and leather Civic Esteban’s downstairs. They also now have wi-fi fitted and are painted in a new striking design of red and black. The livery itself also uses the fading lines scheme that is used throughout the Transdev group. Ex YC53 MXR is seen below now registered as X5 VTD showing off the 36 City Connect Livery.



  1. Very nice.
    I am thinking of starting my own website, if I do would I be able to use some of your nets and edit the livery and parts of the net?

  2. Could you do the First Greyhound to Portsmouth Irizar YN06 CGV

    23322 YN06CGV First Greyhound

    23324 - YN06 CGY

    GREYHOUND UK - Scania K114EB / Irizar PB (C41FT) - (23316) YN55 PXG

  3. very smart mate

  4. Thanks for uploading. It is a brilliant bus and I agree that they are the best in the UK

  5. Could you do the blue Truronian coach?

  6. Patrick, just one more thing, got a part of a mondeo on my hard drive, want the mondeo?

  7. To Tom,

    Your very welcome.


  8. To Sam,

    Sorry, you are not able to use any of my pnet parts due to my strict copyright guidelines.


  9. To Patrick,

    Requests are not curently being accepted.


  10. To CDJ Websites,

    Can you please read the update on requests for once.


  11. To CDJ Websites, No Thanks i’ve already got a Mondeo Net and i am concentrating on Bus Nets for Nets that No One else has

  12. well may I have it at Patrick? And I do! I just didn’t see that part of the requests! When will people understand me!?

  13. To Keiron,

    Ok I understand.


  14. To CDJ Websites,

    Never mind with that but it is very clear. It would greatly help the blog if everyone understands the requests process so would help us if everyone viewed the first post first. Everyone should have the common courtesy to check if requests are valid or not.


  15. It should be a Volvo B9TL not 7. No Gemini 2s have ever been built on Volvo 7 litre chassis.
    Looks fantastic though

  16. Hi, The post is correct in saying a B7TL chassis, it is actually a Gemini 1 which has been re-paneled at the front to the new Gemini 2 design. Transdev refurbished all of their 36 branded Gemini’s to have the new front bodywork.


  17. can you send me one please

  18. i like geminis

  19. espessially 36 ones

  20. To Jimmi,

    Yes, the Volvo/Wright combination certainly goes down a treat.


  21. To Keiron

    Not all of these buses are Gemini 1’s. 3613 got replaced by an actual Wright Gemini 2 after the lease expired.


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