Posted by: SB Websites | September 14, 2012

Arriva Teesside Temsa Avenue

Arriva Teesside operate a fleet of 20 Temsa Avenues that were bought from new to trial it as a standard model for the North East. One Demonstrator Avenue was acquired before the purchase (YJ59 AZV) and this trial obviously proved successful. Despite them being European City buses they are built with powerful engines and combined with a 5 speed ZF Gearbox making them rather speedy and good at climbing the many steep hills in Teesside. Although, they have proven to be very unreliable and one completely set alight and has been withdrawn. Many others have had small fires with one resulting a new back end being built. They have a stylish interior with a very tall and wide interior with large windows. They are currently allocated at Redcar for the X3/X4 and 81 services but are unsuitable for the routes due to capacity issues. One Temsa Avenue was on trial to First but the interest soon diminished after Arriva’s set fire. So they are currently the only Temsa Avenues operating in the UK. Below is 4715 YJ10 DHL seen in the standard Arriva Livery.



  1. excellent work !

  2. may I request all truronian coaches please/

  3. hi mate could you do this
    this brookes bus.AF09-OXF
    the back of the bus
    Brookes Bus Scania / E400s.

    thanks mate

  4. could you make a Stuarts Coaches, Carluke ex dublin bus olympian M395 JGB please.

  5. can you do notts+derby p910cto

  6. love great work as always mr bains

  7. Can you Do ARRIVA North West 701

    Picture Here, Please Make Sure Its the 2012 Model!


    The Blank Net:


  8. You can only request one net CDJ websites.


  9. Hi Iwan,

    This has been added to the requests list.


  10. Hi David,

    This has been added to the requests list.


  11. Hi,

    Both the Notts+Derby Dart and the Arriva Solo SR have been added to the requests list.


  12. Hello,
    May I request 2 buses to be made?
    I’d like to request this mainly:

    and this:
    Stagecoach 33241 (Stagecoach Sheffield) T141JKY


  13. By the way, I mean both in one as a set.


  14. Hi,

    Sorry but only one net is allowed as a request, so your first choice has been added to the requests list.


  15. Okay, thats fine.


  16. Hey can you do a Wright VDL SB200 with Wright Pulsar 2 body – MX12 KWS 3124 I with Claterbridge as the destination and 410 as the number thanks

  17. To mb148,

    Your request has been added to the list.


  18. Hi,

    I would like to request a Stagecoach Alexander ALX400 if possible.


  19. To Jordan,

    Sorry, the request slots have all been taken. Please wait until they have been completed.


  20. Hi,

    Thanks anyway,

  21. Hi, when all are done, may I request the PrimovE bombardier bus?

  22. To CDJ,

    Can you read the update on requests please?


  23. I can get sooo unlucky… 😦

  24. GOT ANY Volvo B6LE/Wright Crusader

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