Posted by: SB Websites | September 1, 2012

Heyfordian Optare Spectra

Heyfordian are a small independent based near Oxford operating bus services, school contracts and coach tours. Their fleet is extremely varied with their bus fleet ranging from an Optare Solo to a Mercedes Citaro and coaches from the Scania Irizar to an Ayats Bravo. Below is an ex Eastbourne Optare Spectra that is used on School Contracts.



  1. hi mate

    thats really really good, i am so happy with it. keep up the great work.
    the heyfordian merc is for sale and so are some other buses.
    when will you be able to do a oxford bus for me??
    thanks so much keiron

  2. To Iwan,

    Thanks for that, quite surprised if it is. Is this because of loss of operations or something? Your request can be submitted when requests are accepted which should be sometime next week as I now only one left on the list.


  3. hi keiron
    yes they have over 200 buses and coaches between then and tappins and they just want to sell off buses that not get used.
    could i put in the request now and you put it on next week??
    also when will you being doing a fleet update as i see on your website your doing coaches now, do you want any as i have a load of 12 reg and older ones as well. i just got some real reg 62 streetlites for my fleet
    thanks iwan

  4. To Iwan,

    Ahh I see, that clears it up. Sorry but to make it fair with others you can only put your request on here when I say they are being accepted.


  5. ok mate do you need any coaches or buses for your fleet???

  6. thanks for changing that mate

  7. remember my truronian

  8. can you do this sloar sr Go North East: 0639 NK12HCF Optare Solo SR

  9. To IJTravel2711,

    No, I dont require any vehicles.


  10. To IJTravel2711,

    Your welcome.


  11. To CDJ Websites,

    You can only submit a request when requests are being accepted. You can submit it as much as you like when requests are not being accepted but it wont be put on the list. Submit again when they are being accepted.


  12. To Sam,

    This isnt newsoworthy enough to be created. NK11 HBB has been created and the newer ones are identical except with different registration and fleetnumbers.


  13. ive constructed a net for 3964 Northern livery all i now need to know is the email address and am sorted

  14. To Bazza,

    I do not accept nets by other people to be published on my blog.


  15. I’ve notice this guy named Ryan Lawrence is now stealing some of your liverys and passing them off as his own in different colours here is an example he is a nutter anyways thinks he is a bus spotter when he is just a wannabe

  16. To Bazza90,

    This case has already been resolved. He wasn’t aware of what copyright legislation was.


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