Posted by: SB Websites | September 1, 2012

Arriva Northumbria United Centenary ALX400’s

To celebrate the 100 year anniversary of United Automobile Services, which Arriva took over in 1997, their 2 Volvo B7TL Alexander ALX400’s were painted into 2 historic liveries. 7446 NK05 GWY was painted into full United Livery even sporting original address and fleetnumbers coloured in gold lined in black. Whereas 7445 NK05 GWX was painted into an eye-catching livery showing the transition from United to Arriva through the use of a zip showing the United livery underneath. Although the Arriva livery isn’t of the standard size and colours it still looks very striking. Below is 7445 and 7446.




  1. very nice mate, keep up the fab work!!

  2. Would you mind me asking the year of the anniversary? Only I need to know when to have the bus invented for Loco šŸ˜‰

  3. To Iwan,

    Thanks very much Iwan.


  4. To Joe,

    This year 2012 is the 100 year anniversary. Sorry for the late reply on the other comment but the system assumed it was spam for some reason.


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  6. he is my new websilte sam paper bus link he

  7. Sam, you can join CDJ websites if you wish

  8. yes how do join your websitle so i can put my buses on your websitle plase replay

  9. To Sam,

    Thanks, but I do not require any.


  10. To Sam,

    You have posted the editing page for you webs account, not the website itself so no-one can access it.


  11. hi mate thats not the link to the website but the login??

  12. To Keiron,

    Thank you very much, I shall be in touch via E-mail with pictures of the finished article šŸ˜‰


  13. To Joe,

    Thanks very much, keep me updated.


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