Posted by: SB Websites | August 26, 2012

GNE MAN CitySmart

Due to the unreliability problems with Optare’s Versa’s, Go North East no longer purchase them as a midibus vehicle. Therefore a MAN CitySmart was trialled at Deptford depot on most town routes requiring Midi’s which were the 36, 38, 39, 42, 60 and 61 services. It is painted in a similar style livery to the EcoCity but in white and cream rather than the blue and greens used on the EcoCity. Here, WX12 EKO is seen on the 60.



  1. i had this on trial aty my fleet ages ago and i still run it i think.

  2. im trailing this all my route 78 – 64 – 94x – 901-900-905 for new bus comany sam buses

  3. im trailing this all my route 78 – 64 – 94x – 901-900-905 for new bus comany sam buses my new depot york leeds london and newcastle plase replay sb websites

  4. sams nets! have you got a website?

  5. no

  6. sam nets – have you got a website as i own depots in leeds,york & newcaslte

  7. no i got a websilte i do not but one of my feinds own go north east says that sam nets is a good make up paper nets but not for this webslite by sb webstlie so i send the nets to go north east to sb websitle i im makeing a cilty smart on differt on gne .

  8. Its a nice vehicle to have Sam, perhaps it would be good for you to have a website so others can see your creations.


  9. may I request some First truroian coaches?

  10. yes thats ture how do sigin up dto a plase can some one tell me sb websiltes

  11. also went is the gne new tyne tees xpress be updated

  12. To CDJ Websites,

    When requests are being accepted, yes.


  13. To Sam,

    A quick link to make an account will be found on and then there are simple instructions on how to create a blog etc.


  14. To Sam,

    Sometime next week or later as its the end of the Summer Holidays soon.


  15. Please could you make a TLC Travel Enviro 200?

  16. To Sam,

    Requests are not currently being accepted, please resubmit when they are being accepted once again.


  17. Who likes the NEW hybrid livery for the angel service 21 ?

  18. To Sean,

    I like the livery quite alot, I look forward to creating it myself and the hybrids to arrive.


  19. can you do Go North East 9137

  20. To Sam,

    Requests are currently not being taken.


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