Posted by: SB Websites | August 22, 2012

GNE New Prince Bishops Livery

With the 55 reg Solar’s cascaded from the Prince Bishops,onto the OK1 to compete with Arriva’s 1 and 1b, it led to a  shortage of liveried vehicles being used ion the 20 so the ex Orbit Solar’s were used. They were repainted purple and the rest of the existing Solar’s refurbished internally and also repainted. They were then painted into this revised Prince Bishops livery which is seen below worn on 4990.



  1. love your paper bus nets went the gne MAN CitySmart Demonstrator be updated pLASE

  2. I really like this livery, it’s simple and effective, GNE should of kept the curving line bit but that is being picky. Can’t wait for the northern gemini, that will go nicely with the several buses in my lego depot ! Keep up the good work

  3. do you guys know where i can get A Scania K320 – Irizar i4 Net From I tried in my self but maid a mess

  4. To Benjani12345,

    Yes I also really like this livery but I think the older style like you say looked better.


  5. To Sam,

    It should be on here sometime at the weekend.


  6. CAN YOU do 4941 plase solar plase on 51 plase no 52 plase

  7. To Sam,

    I don’t like to repeat myself but the Nets in the News have no public opinion as to what is created and which vehicles. Sorry to make this sound harsh but its getting rather repetitive so please don’t ask again.


  8. to sb websites

    ok i unstand

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