Posted by: SB Websites | August 16, 2012

Trent Barton Tempo SR

Optare’s released its new single deck vehicle known as the Tempo SR last year at the UK Bus Show Bus in Birmingham. Its replacing the current Tempo model which looked old. The Tempo SR are available in a 10.6m, 11.3m and 12m length options and has much more appealing looks to the old Tempo. It’s design was helped by strong Optare customer Trent Barton who are the first company in the country to operate these machines. Although manufacturing of the Tempo SR should start properly with the introduction of the cheaper built Solo SR and Versa and the new Integral Decker. Trent Barton operate some on the i4 service which used to be known as the Rainbow 4. They also sport their new corporate identity and logo which also looks very appealing. Below is YJ12 GWK in the i4 livery.



  1. nice work mate love this livery and bus.

  2. Very nice! Your getting really good at creating paper models! 🙂 You should create more of your own looks realistic 🙂 Weldone

  3. Hi, when are requests being taken??

    Very nice btw.

  4. That is Bloody EPIC! I Nearly Passed Out when I Was Flicking Through the Nets and Seen this on the “New at RON AND TONS BLOG” Then I Looked and I Was Like! OH MY GOD! This is FAB! Thanks Keiron!!!

  5. are you updateing any gne buses

  6. this is amazing but it has the wrong fleet number YJ12 GWK is 329 not 334 this bus has not been deviled. and the rear destination is wrong here is a picture of my photostream
    329YJ12 GWKOptare Tempoi4

    the i4 is on right side of the vehicle and it is just orange

    also there is a fleet number to the right of destination display

    thanks James

  7. may I have a blank net of your version?

  8. roblox, same! 😀

  9. To James,

    Thanks for noticing that, it will be changed now. It seems that individual vehicles in their fleet differ.


  10. To Connor,

    Sorry, as stated in the notice a while ago I am unable to supply any blank nets whether they are by me or someone else.


  11. it’s not connor and btw, I desperately need a high quality net like yours

  12. Hi, please can I use this for a bus on a virtual building thing called Roblox?

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