Posted by: SB Websites | August 15, 2012

GNE New Laser Livery

Go North East’s Mercedes Citaro’s were suffering from corroded exterior panels and needed to be replaced. With all of them under warranty they have been sent to Mercedes to get replacement panels meaning the vinyls have been removed. This meant that the Laser Citaros needed vinyls applying again, although they changed the livery design completely to make it look a lot simpler. Then to keep the fleet uniform the Solars were also painted into the same simplistic livery. Below is Mercedes Citaro 5307 and Solar 4968.



  1. can you update the new loop liverys plase

  2. can update the new loop what number 5222 and 5220 or 5226 or 5225

  3. can you do the new angel buses Gemini 2 plase went they get brand ing

  4. I thing that go north east buses should do a double decker for the laser service

  5. To Phillip,

    The Laser doesn’t need Double-deckers at the present time after the service changes, the fabfiftysix service however could benefit for this upgrade.


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