Posted by: SB Websites | August 6, 2012

GNE Brighton&Hove Loan

Go North East were in the process of applying to the Green Bus Fund to purchase hybrid vehicles for Angel service 21. So, they trialled 2 vehicle types on the service; SN59 AWW – An Enviro 400 Hybrid Demonstrator and BG61 SXS – a Brighton&Hove Volvo B5HL / Wright Gemini 2. The Gemini was more successful with Go North East so compliments the range of diesel Gemini 2’s currently owned along with more on the way. Below is BG61 SXS in use on the 21.



  1. i think go north east could learn how to do a good route livery from brighton and hove !

  2. Hey Keiron, the registration currently states – BGS1 SXS and should be BG61 SXS hope this helps – ps very nice livery! I have tried loads of time’s creating the Brighton & Hove Gemini 2’s! But very difficult! 🙂

  3. To mb148,

    Thanks for noticing that, it will be changed now.


  4. Great bus! Could you please email me Keiron as I would like to speak to you about using your nets in a game


  5. sorry to ask but what does the new loop livery looks like plase

  6. To Sam,

    The new Loop livery looks like this:


  7. i love your bighton and hove bus and can i repaint one of your loop buses plase

  8. To Sam,

    Thanks for that, you can create any paperbus you like but not for this website.


  9. Hi i am just wondering wheather it would be okay if i copy and pasted one of your bus net’s to paint removed the livery and purt my own on,as I have a fictional bus Companey,valey Link and soon to be Dc coaches to a set on flicker or whaether you would rather i did’nt?

  10. do you have to papy peter fray for the net’s?

  11. I have a fictional paper bus companey called valley link on flicker and i was wondering if it’s okay i copy and paste your buses into paint de livery them and put my livery on and upload or would you rather me not?

  12. To Daryl,

    Yes it is fine for you to upload the nets as long as Peter Fray or me are acknowleged correctly. Also, these nets are free to create.


  13. thanks

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