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GNE Lambton Worm

Services 34 and 34A are some of the few services that did not wear a branding and using anything unbranded from Chester-le-Street depot such as Renowns, Prestiges and Yellow Bus Palatines. Originally, the idea was to use new vehciels on the service with a Wright Streetlite demonstrator used last year although this plan fell through so instead a number of Plaxton Prestiges were moved to Chester depot from Winlaton and painted all over green. These were then branded into the old Lambton Worm brand consisting of the same logo and worm arrangement as the one worn previously on S reg SPD’s for service 71. Below is 4862 wearing the livery.



  1. can you put green display renumber to 4866 plase

  2. To David,

    The Nets in the News are not requests so it will stand as 4862. Sorry about this.


  3. can you do new red kite livery please

  4. To Daniel,

    Its already on the Nets in the News list.


  5. The one problem I have always had with these buses are the seats. There are 4 of these at Chester Le Street in the Lambton Worm (another is in the key livery (4895) and 4894 in the Northern) and I think they all need a seat upgrade. Sometimes if you’re lucky it will be a double decker, normally on the 34A. Once I had 3878 on the 34A and 6019 on the 34, upstairs was deserted and the front seats free so I had a lovely ride into Chester!


  6. To Marcus,

    The DAF’s are getting quite old now but they still fight through, in my opinion they are quite nice vehicles compared to Arriva’s Prestiges at Durham Depot. Some of them have never had a repaint since brand new!


  7. Yesterday I was on the X2 with a DAF Prestige, I just caught it in time and asked the driver if he stopped 2 stops away (because it’s a limited stop service), and he let me on for free! Now that’s what I call customer satisfaction! It was 4007, refurbished on the exterior but not the interior. I have a feeling 4007 is ex GNE because it has the same old seats that you find on Palatine 1’s and 2’s instead of the green seats you would normally expect.


  8. The only decent buses I think of Arriva at the new Belmont depot (I think they’ve closed the Waddington Street one) are the new VDL Wright Pulsar 2’s. I was on one yesterday.

  9. To Marcus,

    Yes 4007 was acquired from GNE along with some more Prestiges after the swap between the Hexham and Ashington Depots.


  10. To Marcus,

    Yes, Durham depot is now sadly shut with all work moving to a brand new site at Belmont but unfortunately their fleet is probably the worst out of any Arriva division in the UK as we have at least 12 Double-deckers that are 18 years old!


  11. Sometimes you see the ugly, boxy ones on the X24. I honestly don’t think Arriva try to their full potentional.


  12. To Marcus,

    Durham is my local area so I know, the deckers get used on all the services alongside the Pulsars and the management don’t have much care for the services. NE management aren’t really aware of the problems but made good service changes that have allowed growth for services although on a local level the ‘relics’ are horrible to ride on. Albeit when the hybrids arrive the fleet should get sorted, hopefully.


  13. Fingers Crossed, eh Keiron!


  14. Oh yeah, today I saw a Pulsar 2 on the X24! I mean, seriously!?

  15. To Marcus,

    Yes, thats a prime example.


  16. Today I went to Durham and saw a Solo on the service to Hartlepool (I think it’s the 50 or the 22). A route from Durham to Hartlepool should not have mini buses on it. Some people were refused to get on because so many were crammed in.

  17. To Marcus,

    It will have been the 22, thats because it interworks with the 23 which only needs to be a Solo really. Again poor management at Arriva Belmont can blame for that.


  18. Went to Darlington the other day, my dad is head of purchasing at Cummins, and to fill in the day, I went into Darlington town centre. Saw 7261 on the 7!!!!!! I decided to take that bus into Durham (worst decision of my life). My dad needed something from the Arnison Centre, so I kindly got the 64, which was no other than a Gemini 2! Nice buses though, glad to hear more are on the way to sort the fleet out. When I got it back I had 1472, which wasn’t actually too bad on the 64, and an MPD which I can’t remember the number of on the 7. As Victor Meldrew would say, UNBELIEVABLE!!!

    Thanks Keiron,

  19. Went to the Arnison Centre today. A palatine 2 was on the 64 as well as an ALX400, and a Solo was on the 42.

  20. To Marcus,

    These are in fact all daily workings Marcus. Durham has one the strangest allocations in the country!


  21. I know alot of DAF’s are put on the X2 as well as some Gemini 2’s. It’s mainly Olympian’s that run it, but you do see the odd single decker on it. For example, yesterday (Saturday) in Chester (my local area), I saw an OmniCity on the X24. I then turned down the bank in disgust, and saw a SOLO ON THE X2!!!! At least Go North East have steady vehicle types!


  22. To Marcus,

    Well the X1/X2 is shared between Durham and Stockton depots so Durham put on the DB300’s and Stockton aren’t allowed anything modern on it as their Pulsars are for local work so they then have to put on the DAF’s.

    Durham’s allocation is like that for every service, they have the oldest vehicles out of any division in the country!


  23. To Keiron,

    It’s a shame when you think about it, Durham, nevertheless the entire north east is a great historic place, we have mines, landmarks, pits, museums, almost everything, but a good bus fleet from Arriva!

    Cheers mate,

  24. To Marcus,

    Yes you are correct, albeit Durham have just got the 6 DAF DB250 / Alexander ALX400’s from Jesmond but that doesn’t help too much considering there are 8 step-entrances.


  25. To Keiron,

    Today I went to the Arnison Centre, but decided to travel with Arriva the whole way. I started off with 4045 on the X2, when I got to Durham I just caught 1653 on the 64. I had a look around the shops at the Arnison before returning to Durham on the 64 with 1312. I had just walked into the bus station when I saw 7460 on the X24 and 7426 on the X2. I don’t normally get the X24, but as it was a gemini on the X2, I took the X2. I have noticed Arriva’s drivers are very professional when producing tickets, they put the correct destination in and sometimes even pull it out of the machine for you.


  26. To Marcus,

    In my personal opinion the Drivers are friendly in Durham. Although we have a lot of drivers that been with company for many years, many started with predecessor United and so many of them enjoy their job and are always happy to help. Ive never had a problem with an Arriva driver and they my only link into Durham so I use it regularly as well.


  27. To Keiron,

    Same here, Arriva in my opinion are possibly the most professional in the region, with the exception of their bus fleets and service rotors. I have hardly ever travelled with Stagecoach, only once on the 100 with a group of friends going to the Metrocentre from Newcastle. To be honest that driver wasn’t exactly the cream of the crop. I have had DOZENS of problems with Go North East’s drivers in the past, I have had smirks, snarls, sarcasm, grunts, inpoliteness, just total rudeness and I’ve even had one swear at me before. I have complained to GNE many a time but I’m not sure if anywere warned or dismissed. I remember the first comment I ever made on this blog was on 17th November 2012 on the Yellow Bus page about a chester le street driver (who had actually been to school with my mam and bullied her) who had upset me. On the other hand, some, one called Chris, is one of the friendliest drivers around. Another, Eric, looks like a total bully and the type of person who would turn around and knock you out, but actually he is one of the nicest people I actually know and I would actually consider him my friend, I’m almost certain he would say the same about me. We constantly talk, ever since Cath left he has become my main source of information as he sometimes drives the 887.

    Cheers Keiron,

  28. To Keiron,

    After reading through past pages on the North East Bus News website I get a feeling that your link into Durham is the Arriva 43. To my extent of knowledge that normally uses a few OmniCity’s, but the occasional Pulsar sees use on it too. Personally I have nothing against Pulsar’s, they’re just like a mini Gemini 2. I have seen one or two Prestiges on it before, and once a Palatine 2.


  29. To Keiron,

    I think I may have a theory as to why Arriva’s allocations are so random. At Chester, when a driver comes at say 4:00 in the morning to take a 21 out of the depot, he has to check his bus. But before he chooses his bus, he has to look at an allocation sheet, he can’t just walk in, sign on, walk over to the first bus he sees and drive it out. The allocation sheet was prepared earlier in the morning, for example the first 21 to enter the depot at 6:00 in the evening will drive through the wash, through the main garage and to the front of the depot, and will become the very first bus to leave the depot the next morning, because they all line up in a queue and it’s chocka block. Arriva however don’t have an allocation sheet, the drivers walk into the depot manager’s office, sign on and he gives them their bus, although they try to keep a routine each day. Stanley however are excellent at doing this, due to the entire length of the depot being almost straight, when a bus enters it goes through the side entrance and straight to the front of the depot. Both Chester and Stanley have an ‘in’ and an ‘out’, so there’s an iron clad guarantee to the drivers that nobody will be coming the other way.

    Hope this helps Keiron, although you probably already knew this! 😉

  30. To Marcus,

    I see what you mean and yes its to do with how they are stacked in the depot. For example, on an evening the Solos replace the daytime vehicles on most of the services which means they return to depot last which means they are at the front. So on the morning they come out first.


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