Posted by: SB Websites | July 30, 2012

First New Livery YN58 ETT

First Group recently devised a new standard livery across their fleet replacing the pink and blue swoop livery. It consists of lilac lines and purple swoops misaligned which gives a slightly unusual appearance giving mixed reviews from passengers. Below is a South Yorkshire Wright Gemini 1 in the livery.



  1. can you plase the new x9 x10 6043 Go North East Volvo Wright Gemini 2
    livery plase

  2. To Sam,

    This will be added to the Nets in the News section when they have actually been fully painted and vinlyed up.


  3. when is the next dds and s&ss update

  4. To Swanline,

    Nothing much has happened as of yet but there should be a small update for them sometime this month.


  5. Keiron, I’ve spotted something wrong on this. The roof is ment to look like this:


  6. To Connor,

    The livery differs on nearly every subsidiary and vehicle so this examnple actually does have the livery like its shown.


  7. Kerion, it is how I explained. I was on a double decker yesterday and YN58 ETT passed, so I just managed to see the roof of it and it looked like it.

  8. To Connor,

    Ahh ok, it has been changed now.


  9. is first having a joke or something they say they got no money to buy new buses but yet can spend thouands maybe millions doing all there buses up in this new livery(THERE TAKING THE PISS OUT OF THE PUBLIC)my wife/partner is in a wheelchair we live at kiveton park and we use the x5 route and theres never really a low floor bus on the route till after 6 and weekend maybe sometimes in the day but thats only one low floor bus(FIRST GET A GRIP OR DO EVERYONE A GOOD JOB AND GET OUT) first needs to get a grip you ring up all you get is a letter or no reply i like stagecoach myself i can drive so don’t use a bus that much but my wife uses them all the time(WHAT IS FIRST DOING)many thanks

  10. Hi Dickymint,

    Just to make it clear we are not affiliated with any bus companies at all. The reason First are probably using a non-low floor bus on the X5 is probably until the vehicles arrive from the Olympics. Head Office themselves have a lot money to paint vhicles but the indvidual depots who operate the services do not so they can’t afford to replace all their vehicles with low-floor ones as they will be spending money elsehwere. By 2018 they all have to be phased out anyway.


  11. i rang up but could put a low floor then a non low floor

  12. i heared the low floor had to all be in place by 2016 a customer services man told me that but now you put 2018

  13. To Dickymint,

    My apoligies yes it is 2016 for the new DDA guidelines.



    YJ09NYY First Bradford Volvo B7RLE 69485

    Would be great if you could do these as well and upload them as a set 🙂

  15. To Joe,

    Requests are not currently being accepted, please resubmit when they are being accepted once again.


  16. To Keiron,

    I have made a very basic net of the two buses I requested, would you like me to send them to you so you can look over them and perhaps put them on the Blog?


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