Posted by: SB Websites | July 19, 2012

Trent Barton My15

Another brand that was introduced in 2011 was the My15 using Optare Versa’s. They are painted orange and wear the standard circle colour and eye-catching advertising toward the rear. Below is 803 YJ11 ENF.



  1. Wow, This is Amazing!

  2. it’s superb thanks

  3. Please could you make Grant Palmer Enivro 200 YX12DHJ

  4. Hi,
    Requests are currently not being taken.


  5. When will my First South Yorkshire YN58 ETT 120 be done?

  6. Probably within the next week Connor, though there is no guarantee.


  7. hi mate can you do this brookes bus.AF09-OXF
    the back of the bus
    Brookes Bus Scania / E400s.

    thanks iwan

  8. When will my Tempo SR be Done?

    Jack From Jacks Paperbus Nets

  9. Hi, first I would like to say your nets are great! I would like to ask what font you use for the display writing/numbers

  10. To IJTravel2711,

    We are currently not accepting requests. Please resubmit when they are being accepted again.


  11. To robloxrocks919,

    It’s not possible to put a timescale for when nets are to be completed as I am usually busy with other things so they get done when they get done.


  12. To Plymouthbus,

    Thanks, I do put alot of hard work into these nets. I tend to use Tahoma Size 7 Bold for the writing; the numbers and other things are drawn from scratch.


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