Posted by: SB Websites | June 27, 2012

Arriva Teesside The Director’s Cut

Wright Pulsar 2’s were introduced onto service 15 to replace the W reg Cadets that were refurbished for the 15 in 2010. They wear the new seemingly standard Arriva North East branding style with the service name and number on the offside and destinations on the nearside and offside. The 15 was named the Director’s Cut after a local director who lived in Thornaby and a special viewing also took place at Middlesbrough for his film ‘Top Gun’ in conjunction with the service. Here below is NK61 CZA wearing the Director’s Cut branding.



  1. Arriva Northumbria, u mean Arriva Teesside

  2. We are getting 12 reg version’s of these Pulsar 2’s at Laird St Depot MX12 they’ll be! btw can u please check out my BRAND NEW website (no photos as of yet) been working on it over the last couple of days and I am really proud of it thanks!

  3. To Blue Star Travel,

    Thanks for that, it now has been changed.


  4. Hi, just to let you know, the rear end of this bus say’s MX61 CYU not CZA just thought I’d let u know

  5. are you updateing a lot of your paper buses nets today if you have time sam asking

  6. To David Coaches,

    I always have to create the nets first, as soon as they are made they are then updated onto the Blog. As like other websites I am not able to update all the time as they do take time.


  7. could you do an stagecoach glasgow volvo b10m plaxton premiere reg R119 OPS please.

  8. To David,

    Hi, requests are not being accepted at the moment, please submit your request when they are being taken once again.


  9. To mb148,

    Thanks, the mistake has been rectified.


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