Posted by: SB Websites | June 5, 2012

Grayline Wright Streetlite

Grayline of Bicester operate the Bicester Shuttle using Wright Streetlites. They are used between Bicester and the Bicester Village shopping outlet and wear an eye-catching black livery. This is seen below on MX11 CZH.



  1. Hi mate love it great work. Can you the BV1 and Bv3 display to my email so I can make the other two.i will keep you name on it as well
    Could you do and the backs a bit like this
    Thanks Iwan

  2. To Iwan,

    Sorry, I wont be able to make the displays for you but the request can be put on the list.


  3. hi keiron
    thats ok what font did you use and i can do them. ok thanks for adding to list.
    thanks iwan

  4. To Iwan,

    For the Destination top line I used Tahoma Size 7 Bold and slightly edited the letters. The second line is Size 5. The side destination is all size 7 Bold Tahoma. The front number and rear number however are drawn by the line tool.


  5. thanks for that i will try it out.

  6. Hey,

    Keiron, I was wondering if you’d like more of a Destination Font? I have 3 of them and they are good to do destinations with.


  7. To Connor,

    Its ok, most of the time I use Tahoma as a basis then edit it so it looks identical to the Hanover/Brighttech examples. But thanks anyway.


  8. Okay, just ask me if you need some ever thought, there’s a dot matrix.

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