Posted by: SB Websites | June 3, 2012

First Hydrogen Pulsar

Back in 2004, First North London’s Lea Interchange garage received a hydrogen fuel cell Mercedes Benz Citaro for evaluation on routes 25 and RV1. This evaluation proved unsuccessful after reliability issues so it was subsequently withdrawn and converted to conventional diesel operation for Scotland.

Although, in 2009 ideas were being brought up again to test Wright/VDL hydrogen buses on the RV1 service. 5 were ordered originally for testing and it proved successful. Subsequently more were ordered to bring to total the PVR of the route but this was scrapped as these were also unreliable in the longer term. One has been sent back to Wrightbus because of a total engine failure. Only 1-2 see operation each day with the other diagrams operated by Enviro 200 Darts. They wear a livery of red with chemical bonds in white on the side giving it a striking look.

They are built on the VDL SB200 chassis and have modified Wright Pulsar bodies with taller roof lines to house the hydrogen tanks on other equipment on the roof. All of which is shown on the net. As they are powered by Hydrogen they emit no pollution and only emit water so are a clean green solution to growing traffic problems with greenhouse gases.

Below is one of the batch – WSH62991 – LK60 HPE.




  1. oh my god thats great keiron.well done

  2. Whoa, this is wonderful, never seen something as good as this. Well done


  3. Amazing Livery! Its EPIC!

    Jack, From Jacks Paperbus Nets

  4. To IJTravel2711,

    Thanks for that, it did take me a while!


  5. To Connor,

    Thanks, it did take me a while!


  6. Can you do this for me Please

    i4, YJ12 GWL, trentbarton.

    Jack, From Jacks Paperbus Nets

  7. To Robloxrocks919,

    It will be added now.


  8. Thanks Keiron

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