Posted by: SB Websites | June 3, 2012

Arriva Northumbria Refurbished Renown

As mentioned before Arriva Northumbria are refurbishing their B10BLE products with the Alexander ALX300 and Wright Renown bodywork. The ALX300’s are now finished and a post here shows one completed. The Renowns refurbishment is currently underway. The Renowns are getting a similar refurbishment to the ALX300’s of gaining new interior panels and seating moquette, painted into the new livery and having new LED lights fitted to the rear. Below is the first in the batch to be completed V501 DFT.



  1. hi i love the back lights.did they do any other like this as i might put them in my fleet as it dont want to take your that ok to use your lights on any others they did.
    thanks iwan

  2. To IJTravel2711,

    Its not very realistic taking vehicles from a large multi-million pound organisation which are spending thousands of pounds refurbishing them to their exact criteria and house colours. You could always make LED lights onto other Renowns built you can’t use mine as mentioned before as I can no longer trust anyone to include appropriate copyright acknowledgements as others haven’t before.


  3. to keiron
    ok thats fine i will not use also when will the bicester bus be done as i cant wait too see it also i will make th other two buses if you can send me the LED displays for it and the copyright and i will put them on.
    thanks iwan

  4. To IJTravel2711,

    It should be completed by the end of today.


  5. These buses look a lot better after the refurbishment

  6. To Phillip,

    They certainly look a lot tidier and the interior gives a fresh feel, although this refurbishment program got cancelled for the second time after another refurbished Renown burst into flames.


  7. The bus shown is a BLOB a.k.a B10B

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