Posted by: SB Websites | May 29, 2012

Stagecoach Alexander Olympian

Despite large numbers of Enviro 400’s being purchased for the North East there is still the odd Alexander Olympian in service in Teesside. One of these is R640 OVN and they see occasional use as reserves for the ALX300’s and Enviro 300’s. Here is one below.



  1. thanks mate it looks excellent, definatley be printing it out later today !!!!

  2. To Blue Star Travel,

    Your very welcome.


  3. Hiya Please If Its Possible I Would Like To Make A Request, It Would Be A Stagecoach In Hull ALX 200 R113 KRG And An Alexander Dennis Enviro 400 FX60HFO, Both With The Frequento Branding Aswell, Thank You Please Get Back To Me, Once Many Thanks Again Joel. P.S For Both There Should Be Many Photos For You To Complete It.

  4. To Meerkatsilly2,

    We are currently not accepting requests. Please resubmit when they are being accepted again.


  5. can you make gainsborough 16463 S163RET

  6. To Jimmi,

    Please refer to Update on Requests section on the stickypost.


  7. Ok I’ll make it out of this XD

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