Posted by: SB Websites | May 25, 2012

**Important Notice**

Ron and Tons Blog can no longer supply any Blank Nets from Peter Fray due to his 9 years of hard work being ruined by a string of copyright incidents within a short space of time. The same has also applied onto our website, we will not supply any of the Blank Nets that we have created to anyone any longer due to the same copyright incidents. Peter Fray has decided he is no longer supplying nets and due to these issues he has removed all of his paper buses off the internet so no-one else can use his nets as their own due to him being annoyed of the tireless hours he puts into his nets for them to be claimed by someone else.

As for Ron and Tons Blog, NONE of our or Peter Fray’s liveried nets should be republished onto another website at all, this is described in the Copyright Notice found in the About Us page on the Blog. Except when given prior permission by email. If anymore cases of copyright become apparent I may also have to follow the same path and only create my nets for personal use rather than for the world to see. I would not like this to happen to the nets as they are very popular with all of you but the minority ruin it for the majority.

So, don’t ask me for any nets to be emailed as it will no longer be available and you CANNOT use ANY of my liveried nets or Peter Frays liveried net’s on your own website without asking prior permission from the website. Of course you can still use a Peter Fray Blank Net and paint a livery onto it yourself and publish it to a website as long as the relevant acknowledgment has been made.

This also means I cannot obtain Blank Nets so some requests will not be able to be created.

Ron and Tons Blog



  1. So I Can’t Publish My Optare Versa Trent Barton my 15 Paperbus, Oh Lovely, The Hours I Put into that and I Can’t Publish it! I Give Credit! I Always Say “Net by Peter Fray

  2. To RobloxRocks919,

    You can still do your nets as you wish as long as you quote his name, my apologies for that, the post will be amended ASAP. I meant you can’t use the liveried examples or my liveried examples, his blank nets with your livery design is still fine of course.


  3. Oh Ok Thanks, You got me Worried There!

  4. Its My Brothers Birthday on Monday and He has Asked me to Request a i4 Tempo SR From You, Please Could you do it, It will make a Brother Very Happy as he is Very ill at the moment, Please Keiron!


  5. To RobloxRocks919,

    Sorry no can do, I have to keep the system fair. Just make sure your first when they are accepted once again is all I can do.


  6. Oh Noes, I’m Going on Hoilday for 4 Weeks and I Probley won’t be first! Hes got Cancer!

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