Posted by: SB Websites | May 19, 2012

Transdev York Renown

Transdev operate many services in York now after the takeover of independent York Pullman. They now operate all their services including the UniBus services UB1 and 44 in competition with First’s 4 service. An identity has been named as York with the White Rose giving a nice look to the area. This brand is worn by all vehicles on local services except from the Unibus services. Below is Wright Renown Y164 HRN in the livery.



  1. Thanks for this

    great livery & great bus

    also – are you doing requests again yet?

  2. Currently not, but they will be accepted once the remaining requests have been cleared.


  3. 19C does not run now or 19A it is Now 19B/19L B for Burton Stone ln and bootham and L for Leeman Road

  4. To Josh B,

    The net is on the 19C as when researching through photos it was the only service it was on. Its still real so will not need to be changed.


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