Posted by: SB Websites | May 15, 2012

Lees Coaches Berkof Axial

Lees Coaches are a small coach company based in Brandon near Durham City. They operate a wide range of coaches from 2008 Volvo’s and VDL Berkof’s to A-E reg Van Hool Alizees. They also operate Leger Holidays Silver Service and recently purchased a brand new Berkhof Axial. It is painted in the Silver Service and is shown below.



  1. we alwayso the same buses i have this in my fleet but with out the back front lights but i will change now.

  2. Hey thats a similar color to my fleet livery amd style too! haha

  3. Do you have a blank net of the Van Hool Astromega? If so can you please send it to

  4. To Paperbus Blog,

    Very interesting although in my opinion this livery is rather boring.


  5. To Spongebobconnor,

    This will be sent to you later today.


  6. Can you send it me now please?

  7. To Spongebobconnor,

    It has been sent.


  8. Thanks,


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