Posted by: SB Websites | May 13, 2012

13/05/12 DMC News Update

Since the last update, there have been a large amount of changes to the Deerness Motor Coaches fleet. After being replaced with heritage vehicles on the Durham Tour, Alexander PS / Volvo B10M 0003-94 M463 VCW has been debranded and is now in reserve. Dennis Dart / Martial Capital 0009-99 T392 AGP is now Cream and has an advertisement while also repainted cream is Transbus Alexander Dennis ALX400 V479 KJU but does not yet have full vinyls applied. The future of this vehicle is on the Durham Tour where it will be converted to open top, with Leyland Olympian 0001-87 E301 MSG now withdrawn. DAF SB300 / Plaxton Prima YPU 781 has been withdrawn after service X99 ceased frequent operations and now inter works with the S2, so is allocated for an MPD. A further Alexander Dennis MPD repainted in new livery is 0011-02 YJ52 DUP. Two new vehicles have joined the fleet in the form of Volvo B6BLE / Wright Crusaders X981 CNO and X989 CNO, numbered 0017-00 and 0018-00 respectively. The first of these is now repainted and is in use, branded for the 44. In late 2011, to add to the heritage fleet for Durham Tour work GMC RTS 702 HLK 871 was acquired and is under preparation for service with the main intention for it to be a winter service vehicle when high capacity is not needed, but will also act as a reserve during the summer time.



  1. have you got any buses for sale

  2. hi matt
    i have the 2 wrights in my fleet i would let you keep them if i could have the buses you have withdrawn and i can offer you some 12 reg buses as well. email me on
    thanks iwan

  3. To Blackpool Tram Nets,

    No, not currently.


  4. Blackpool Tram Nets,

    The buses for sale section has now been updated with vehicles for sale from the Deerness Motor Coaches fleet. If you would like to acquire any, please comment on the relevant page.

    IJ Travel2711,

    I dont see the Crusader’s as part of your fleet. If you would like to purchase any comment on the page, but the vehicles will not be of equivalent value to any ’12’ plate vehicles.


  5. ok i have email me them and we can talk about the 12 regs

  6. i like the branding on the crusader

    every 50 mins is a bit of an odd frequency though

  7. Hi CRP2012,

    Thanks, I do think the branding looks quite good as well! The service frequency is up-to every 50 minutes but changes throughout the day in order to get as many journeys made by 2 buses on the route. There is also a more frequent service at peak times, as during midday the second vehicle goes back to depot.


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