Posted by: SB Websites | May 11, 2012

Trent Barton Optare Excel

Among the large amount of branded service that Trent Barton operate, they also operate a few Optare Excels as reserves across the network which are painted into the standard livery. This is shown below by 263 Y263 DRC on the Pronto service.



  1. Great Livery!

  2. can you do gne bendy’s buses demo plase

  3. one 57reg and a 02reg

  4. To Sam,

    It has already been made here.


  5. can you do the gne x66 demo plase
    02reg plase

  6. To Sam,

    Requests are currently not being accepted as stated in the Stickypost.


  7. Iam interested in London Underground Tube trains in paper any available please E-Mail me at Dave.

  8. To David,

    We only create paperbuses here, although there are graphical designs of some on Wikipedia Commons.


  9. plase can you do brighton and hove bendy bus 25 route

  10. To Sam,

    Requests are not currently being accepted.


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