Posted by: SB Websites | May 4, 2012

Trent Barton The Black Cat

Trent Barton are one of the most popular and famous bus companies in Britain for their liveries and brands they apply to almost all of their routes. Each route has a unique brand to it such as the my15, Spondon Flyer, Red Arrow and the Pronto. Their fleet consists of mostly Optare products and they regularly purchase brand new vehicles for their routes. Trent Barton also used to buy their vehicles with fixed displays fitted with only the destinations for the route its branded for so it cannot cause confusion by being on another route. One of these unique brands is the Black Cat using Optare Tempo’s which are painted overall black and feature Trent Barton’s standard circle design which is painted with chrome-style reflective paint leaving a very eye-catching effect. Below is 310 YS07 VSE.



  1. Brilliant

  2. Can you do a i4 Tempo SR with Trent Barton Please

  3. To robloxrocks919,

    Nets are currently not being accepted.


  4. Oh ok

  5. When will My Excel be Done?

  6. To Robloxrocks919,

    Hopefully this weekend.


  7. Yay, Thanks! 😀

  8. there is a trent barton i4 tempo sr on facebook

  9. But I Want the Whole Net, With the Right Hand Side!

  10. To Keiron Bains,

    The Font Used is called “TradeMarker” for like “the really good bus company”

    Jack, From Jacks Paperbus Nets

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