Posted by: SB Websites | May 4, 2012

GNE Crusader Renown

One of the latest stage of changes for Go North East was the Crusader gaining the Diamond Renowns to ease capacity from the Cadets. Despite having only 4-5 seats extra than the Cadets they offer lots more standing room for passengers but raise the age of the vehicles on the route from 52 and 04 to R and W. The Crusader was one of the brands that was released for a competition for the livery design. The winning design gives a classic look with the original “Crusades” feel to it and looks historic with the old-fashioned Block Capitals for the destinations above the windows. Although the logo is very bright and doesn’t suit the rest of the livery so can give an unattractive look. So 4842 R842 PRG is shown below in the new livery.



  1. have you sold the Temsa NK11 GVA and the wright commanders.also did you sell the elc myllennium to joel hardy.
    thanks as he cant remember if he still has them or not.

  2. To IJTravel2711,

    Yes the Temsa was sold but the Commanders are still in my fleet. Im not sure if they were sold to Wirral Buses.


  3. Keiron,

    May I buy some Wright Commanders for Strathline Travel?


  4. i would buy them and swap for some 12 reg buses if you want keiron

  5. I want Commanders. 😦

    I have some MCV DD103’s, Optare Visionaire’s, East Lancshire Spryte’s and some Citaro G bendi’s.
    I also have a Wright Solar fusion.


  6. have they got real regs as i have some buses i would swap for them

  7. To spongebobconnor,

    No as they are not for sale.


  8. To IJTravel2711,

    Sorry, no as they are not for sale.


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