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Go North East are trialling MAN A66 EcoCity / Caeteno CityGold on Laser service 35 and it is also to be trialled on the Red Arrows X3 service. It is painted in the dark blue variant of the livery whereas there is another one in white. They painted a large swoop with assorted coloured circles and contravision over the windows so it looks very effective. Below is WX61 HSL.



  1. how did you make the contravison on the windows of this net?

  2. Hi,
    please can I use this for my company Strathline Travel? I’d love to use this in this livery. If not it’s fine because I have a blank net and I’ll try re-liver it but I’m not very good at creating liveries but this is amazing and I’d love to have it running. Please can I



  3. can you update one more time today plase the GNE Crusader Livery

  4. To George1188,

    As I just use paint I simply draw lines over using the secondary transparency tools. This is done by copying the window without the branding into another document and drawing cross-hatched lines over it in a different colour to the branding you want applied. On the net, apply the branding then copy and paste the copied cross-hatched window into the net and make the secondary colour (ie not grey) the transparent colour by picking it etc. Then paste it over the branding and it should leave the effect.


  5. To Spongebobconnor,

    Sorry but as stated in the Copyright Page I don’t allow others to use my nets on other websites except for special reasons.


  6. To Sam,

    No, it will be done later in the weekend as now 3 Requests must be made since 3 Nets ITN have gone on.


  7. hi
    this bus has now gone to thames travel in oxfordshire and i want it on loan at ij travel. would that be ok to use but change the display and fleet numbers.
    thanks iwan

  8. Hey,
    Just asking, do you want to buy some ELC Spryte MK1’s for SS&S? I have T143 JKY, T144 JKY, T145 JKY, T146 JKY, T147 JKY, T148 JKY, T149 JKY, T141 JKY, T913 JKY, T153 JKY & T190 JKY.
    These are all ELC spryte’s, don’t have the reg numbers just yet but you can buy some of them and add your own. 🙂

    Reply to



  9. where is my net?

  10. can you x3 to 9143 plase

  11. WHERE IS MY NET!!!

  12. CDJ, CALM DOWN! He’ll send it when he isn’t busy.

  13. CDJ. Your demanding comments will not speed up the time you get the net. We will send it as soon as we can, however if you continue to be rude & demanding towards the administrator then we will not send you any of the nets you request now or in the future. Please be more patient!! Thank you.

  14. To CDJ Websites,

    As Spongebobconnor and Tramfan100 have stated it is not possible to for me to send nets or create the nets for the Blog as due to educational purposes. Please understand this and I am sending it you now.


  15. it’s just you said this weekend and it’s past that time limit.

  16. To CDJ,

    Due to the fact that we are busy, we can not always meet the time discussed however, we asure that we will send the nets when possible. This however has now been sent so the issue is resolved.


  17. Tell Kieron or what’s his name, thanks for the net and good luck

  18. To CDJ Websites,

    Thanks alot, I do certainly put alot of time into the nets.


  19. hi keiron can you tell me what buses you have sold and to want company please as i have lost track of what buses you have.

  20. Kerion, can you reply to my post please, about the buses for sale.

  21. To Connor,

    Yes this will be done now.


  22. To IJTravel 2711,

    Im sorry but I do not keep a record of where my vehicles are deilvered to.


  23. To Connor,

    Thanks but I dont want them.


  24. connor can i have the elc sprytes please send them to it would be apprectiated

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