Posted by: SB Websites | April 10, 2012

10/04/12 DDS News Update

New services 129 and 130 have began operation and are Heritage services linking Durham and Newcastle to Beamish Museum. Therefore Optare Delta P130 RWR is now in a Historic livery of the original Durham District Services. Routemaster HAS 462 has prepared for use for the service with the Delta in reserve. Acquired is Plaxton Viewmaster XPB 461Y and is currently all over white pending painting and MAN SL200/ PMSCA MSL 200Y has also entered service and are all allocated to the services. Acquisitions also include Scania L94UB / Wright Solar’s X471 AHE and Y3 WJC  and ADL Enviro 300 MX09 CZL and are all in red basecoat pending vinyls. Wright Solar NK53 UWE has also been painted into all over red from its X33 livery. MAN Evolution AE54 WVW and Enviro 300 PM10 SKV are now in standard livery. Services 46 and 49 have been linked with 49 still the 49 (Brandon – Durham) and the 49A to operate as the 46 (Durham-Brandon-Crook) giving a service every 15 minutes Brandon-Durham and every 12 at peak times. This has meant that Prestiges R423/5/6 RPY are withdrawn and Commanders NK53 HHX/Y/Z are now in reserve. Service 53 has been withdrawn due to low passenger numbers. Caeteno Nimbus KM51 BFP has been painted into ‘Ruralrider’ livery for service 47. Due to the changes that only saloons operate on all the services and the various service changes Enviro 400’s NK09 XBA/B/C/D/E have been sent to South Shields&Sunderland. Below are the acquired vehicles and repaints. Also on order is a brand new Volvo B7RLE / Wright Eclipse 2 due for arrival in September.



  1. Are yhe withdrawn pristieges up for sale if so may i have them please and be sent to

  2. are the pristieges up for sale if so could you sed them to this would be much apprectiated

  3. To Sheldon,

    No they are currently withdrawn.


  4. to Keiron i have a 55 plate dart if you want that for your fleet

  5. i know i have asked this before but can u send me all the nets to as my previous computer broke

  6. To David,

    I am ok thanks.


  7. To Sheldon,

    It’s fine, I will send this to you now.


  8. hi keiron or papebusnetwork
    could i have his or your email as i have some buses for sale and i want to see if he has any
    thanks iwan

  9. I came across this photo while looking at arriva leyland lynx’s
    you might like it

  10. here’s the link
    Busways 123

  11. To Blackpool Tram Nets,

    Interesting find! The service is currently operated using branded ADL Enviro 300’s but of course I operate it fictitously in SS&S.


  12. can you plase update toaday plase

  13. To Sam,

    Sadly not as I don’t have time. Hopefully a few nets will be added sometime later in the week.


  14. hi keiron
    do you have papebusnetwork email???
    thanks iwan

  15. may I have a scania omnidekka net plz

  16. hi mate
    Y3 WJC’s reg reg is Y336 VST

  17. To IJTravel2711,

    Thanks, this will be changed in the next update.


  18. ok mate when will this be?

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