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Arriva Scotland West Plaxton Pointer

Arriva Scotland West were known to be the worst division of the Arriva UK bus group with most vehicles not low floor and unreliable services. Then in 2011/12 they started a regeneration program and revitalising services and introducing brands to newer refurbished vehicles. 3 Ex London Darts were refurbished and branded for service 26 to start the program and many of which were being refurbished in the North East of England. Although recently most of Arriva Scotland West has been sold-off to local independent McGills with the transfer of the more modern vehicles such as the OmniLinks and Pulsar’s. Arriva North East are said to gain the refurbished Darts and Cadets. Below is on of the Darts in the 26 livery and one now in North East ownership.



  1. can i request this stagecoach on teesside volvo oylimpian alexander please
    Stagecoach: 16840 R640OVN Volvo Olympian/Alexander
    please note on the other side it say’s ‘all day tickets only £4.05’ it takes up the whole side

  2. This will be added to the request list when Keiron returns on Friday, as i don’t have permission to access the list.


  3. Please could you do the Bicester village shuttle buses all 3 you will find pictures from the last time I asked for the buses.

  4. Do you have a Bova Futura net? I really need one.

  5. This will be added to the request list tommorow Iwan.


  6. I don’t have a Futura net, but Keiron may (he will be back tommorow).


  7. Okay 🙂
    Thanks anyway.

  8. Also, do you have a net of this but the door on the opposite side?
    I would really appreciate it if I had one for my company (Strathline Travel;Fictional).

  9. I might have it I will send it to you later this week what is your email?


  10., but I need it NOW to liver.

  11. any chance of creating a mcgills livery for this bus

  12. Ok I can’t send it till the end of the week as my pc is not working and I am posting this on my iPad. I will send when I can It was a funning bus to find its not by Peter fray.
    Thanks iwan

  13. To spongebobconnor,

    Sorry I do not have a net of this.


  14. To spongebobconnor,

    Sorry I don’t have a net of this.


  15. To Andrew.

    I only do real liveries, sorry.


  16. To Iwan,

    I am adding this to the list now but I can only do one of them as its only one request per person unitl its published.


  17. Hi Keiron thanks for doing the arrivas darts colud you do this irvines enviro 200
    the back has the same logo as the front of the bus.

  18. To David,

    Sorry the 8 request slots are now full.


  19. Hi keiron ok and thanks I will do the regs for the other if you could email me the display board stuff and I could use the one you made. Could you do BV1 street lite .
    Thanks so much

  20. Kerion, do you have a double decker setra coach? If not can you make a net of it please? (blank)

  21. To spongebobconnor,

    Sorry I dont have a net of that either.


  22. To Keiron could you make the Irivnes logo for me

  23. To David,

    Sorry Im not able to do this although can you not just get it off their website?


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