Posted by: SB Websites | April 1, 2012

Stagecoach in Newcastle Enviro 300 100 Metrocentre

Stagecoach in Newcastle operate non-stop service 100 that links Newcastle City Centre to the shopping centre Metrocentre. The 100 is operated by 5 2005 old-styled high-capacity ADL Enviro 300’s operating up to every 7-8 minutes throughout the day. They were in Stagecoach corporate colours with “100” vinlys on the side of the vehicle but in 2011 were transformed into the new eye-catching livery to mirror the new corporate identity of the Metrocentre and make the service more independent and recognisable. With almost 50 seats and 5 speed Voith transmission these machines are powerful and manage the end-to-end journey time in just 8 minutes. Below is 27507 NK05 JXF.



  1. i think i run this bus in IJ Travel.

  2. Are Request’s being taken? If so can you do these:

    If not please add these to the request list when available.

  3. Can you do this bus please if you’re taking requests? Blank destination, nothing on windows, just the bus.

    If not please add when available.

  4. may I have this bus net please?

  5. please can you do trent barton 312 here’s the link

  6. To Spongebobconnor,

    Yes they are but only one request at a time.


  7. To CDJ Websites,

    It will be sent to you now.


  8. To Blackpool Tram Nets,

    This has been added to the request list.


  9. Robloxrocks919 got 2 in one before. I did actually mainly want the eclipse stagecoach.

  10. if request are being done again,can i request

    Transdev York 1064 Y164HRN Volvo B10BLE Wright Renown
    Dest:844 Tadcaster Garret Ln

    the rear is dark blue

  11. where is my bus? the email is

  12. To Spongebobconnor,

    This can be changed for you now.


  13. To Malcolm,

    This will be added to this list now.


  14. To CDJ Websites,

    Sorry I havent had time to send it so please be patient.


  15. Ok, thank you.

  16. can you do 9143 plase see link for picture

  17. To Sam,

    This was going to be added to the Nets in The News list anyway.


  18. that ok

  19. can you put on x3 plase
    i seen it on the x3

  20. To Jim,

    Innapropriate content such as this will cost you in a ban in the future.


  21. where?

  22. Hi
    I Have Got A Few Newsworthy North East Buses That Havn’t Been Added To The Nets In The News List But You Have Mentioned Them In North East Bus News. They Are
    Stagecoach Enviro 300 27507 In The New Metrocentre Shuttle Livery. It Is In The Stagecoach Ad That Often Appears When I View This Blog
    Stagecoach North East: 27509 / NK05 JXH
    Arriva North East Wright Gemini 2 HEV Volvo B5LH 7801 NK13 AZA
    Arriva North East: 7801 NK13AZA Volvo B5LH/Wright Eclipse Gemini 2
    Arriva North East MAN EcoCity 4802 NK13 CFE
    4805 NK13 CFJ Arriva Darlington 26.3.13
    4804 NK13 CFG Arriva Darlington 26.3.13 B
    I Know That There Are Already 20 nets In The Nets In The News List So I Was Wondering If You Weren’t Going To Put Them On Until Ther Are Less Nets In The News.

  23. I’ve Just Realised That I Have Put Links For Photos Of 4804 And 4805 When 4802 Is Really The Most Newsworthy Eco City

  24. To Dan,

    Its alright as the image process is easy to find for North East nets but why do you say 4802 is the most newsworthy?


  25. To Dan,

    That’s my fault as I haven’t yet updated it, I will do it now.


  26. To Dan,

    That’s ok as it’s easy to get the photos you need for vehicles in the North East, it’s just elsewhere in the country as some vehicles arent photographed. Also, why is 4802 of particular significance?


  27. Keiron,
    I Couldn’t Find Anything Of A Bus Numbered 4801 So I Thought 4802 Must Have Been The Most Newsworthy. Is There An EcoCity With The Number 4801?
    It Might Just Be That I Haven’t Checked Everything As I Seem To Know More About The Metro Than The Buses

  28. To Dan,

    Arriva Durham County received 11 MAN EcoCity’s which are numbered 4801-4811 with 4801 being NK13 CFD. Although if you are thinking that 4801 was the first to arrive you are wrong, if I remember correctly 4802, 4805 and 4806 arrived first in one day.


  29. Hi
    Ok, The Buses I Normally Do My Route Are 22469-22493 And Theey Are Regestered I The Order That They are Registered. May I Ask Which Eco City You Were Planning To Do?

  30. To Dan,

    To make it fair I just pick one at random closer to the time like I do for all other updates.


  31. Ok, Actually I Think That Is A Good Idea!

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