Posted by: SB Websites | March 29, 2012

Go North East Plaxton President Say Yes Now!

Go North East recently introduced the Say Yes Now campaign as an alternative to the Quality Contracts scheme by introducing Quality Bus Partnerships such as the current East Gateshead Partnership. The Quality Contracts scheme is designed to control and regulate all services in Tyne and Wear so the companies have less control over the services they operate which is similar to the way London is operated. From Go North East’s side they will lose their extensive network they have built up for over 100 years which is why they believe their Charter for Positive Change is the way forward. Alongside the Micro website and flyers, Plaxton President 3886 NK51 UCO now wears an advertising livery which is shown below.



  1. Make buse new stagecoach manchester e400 reay Wigton e200 transdev york b7rle go ahead London alx

  2. To Chris,

    Sorry but requests are not currently being accepted. Submit your request once again when the are available once more.


  3. Can I have a net of the Royale Olympian please?


  4. hi is Deerness Motor Coaches still about as i cant seem to get onto the website at all .
    thanks iwan

  5. To Connor,

    Yes, this will be sent to you now.


  6. To IJ Travel,

    Like trobinsonnn says it is still operating and the website works fine.


  7. oh ok might just be my pc

  8. also how do i get in contact with trobinsonnn to see if he need any buses.

  9. can you do gne the angel new bus 61 reg plase

  10. To Sam,

    There are no 2011 61 reg Plated buses in use on the 21. The 21 is due new Volvo B5LH / Wright Gemini 2’s from Round 3 of the Green Bus Fund but this will be made when the arrive.


  11. they are 62 reg’s

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