Posted by: SB Websites | March 24, 2012

Perrymans MCV Evolution

Mercedes OC500LE / MCV Evolution’s AE12 AZB/C have been purchased by Perrymans to replace their MAN Evolutions as they are too costly to maintain. They are painted in the companies house colours. AE12 AZB is allocated to school work and AE12 AZC is allocated to cross-border service 67. Below is AE12 AZB wearing school bus stickers and probably the newest vehicle on school bus workings in the UK.



  1. hi love the bus funny you should make that as i run AE12-AZB/C in my company IJ Travel along 10-15 other 12 reg buses and coaches.

  2. I am thinking of getting these to replace some 2009 MAN 12.240 Plaxton Centro’s from the Original Supertravel Fleet (The Unofficial Supertravel) These will hopefully enter service in due course

  3. Please can you send me this?
    Thanks, Connor.

  4. To Spongebobconnor,

    This will be sent to you later today.


  5. is there any volvo mcv evolution?

  6. To Jason,

    You can get the new MCV body on a B7RLE chassis yes, along with the VDL SB180 and Mercedes 0C500LE.


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