Posted by: SB Websites | March 24, 2012

First Edinburgh Alexander Royale

First Group have many Alexander Royales still in use throughout the UK such as Scotland and East England. This one below wears the current livery and has been refurbished inside.



  1. nice one

  2. please can i have a blank net of this

  3. Keiron, can I have a blank net of this and you sent the wrong bus, I want the net of the P&R Eclipse bus.

  4. To Blackpooltramnets,

    Yes you can along with your other requests.


  5. Thanks I want to make all the present notts+derby traction fleet

  6. i not got the email

  7. Thanks Kieron

  8. To Blackpool Tram Nets,

    I have just checked it and it has send to the correct email address so I’m not sure whats happened there. I will hopefully email it you again tonight.


  9. thanks

  10. you haven’t emailed it

  11. To Blackpool Tram Nets,

    I havent had time to send it yet, but I should get round to it tonight.


  12. As the news says you are taking requests in again, could you have a go at 32539 YJ05VWG with the “We Believe That Buses Are The Future” rear advert. Also a destination of 592 Burnley via Todmorden



  13. To Josh,

    Sorry there was a backlog of requests to be added so when there is space out of the 8 submit your request again.


  14. it should come back to london

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