Posted by: SB Websites | March 18, 2012

Tees Valley Stagecarriage Poundrider

Tees Valley Stagecarriage recently extended their route 271 to work in competition with Arriva’s 5 and X5 services. They introduced the Poundrider name and applied appealing branding to 2 Volvo B10M / Alexander PS’s. The service is only Hourly and only operates Monday to Friday. Below is R952 XVM in the Livery.



  1. nice one. do you want the buses then

  2. To Iwan,

    Apologies for the late reply, yes please and may I have all 3.


  3. i ahve got 3 v regs and and a 53 reg and if you want any others you can also do you have any buses to swap.

  4. Are DDS withdrawing the X2? Just it isn’t included in the allocation (updated March 10)…

  5. To Iwan,

    Can I have all 4 then.


  6. To Tom,

    Yes I did. This was done to focus more solely on Durham Local services as it never gained much custom.


  7. whats your email

  8. To Iwan,

    Its keironbains(at)


  9. i have sent it

  10. Can I join sb websites

  11. Do you have this bus?
    with this back:

  12. To Connor,

    Firstly, you only need to comment once on one post rather than 3 times. All the nets I have made are on this BLOG so no I havent got that net unless you are asking for a blank net?


  13. Yeah, blank.

  14. How do you get the find us on facebook icon on your blog

  15. To Connor,

    I will send it you now.


  16. Hi,

    does anyone have a blank net of a leyland national

    Thanks BTN

  17. hi keiron found these code 3 buses in called dds


    thanks iwan

  18. To Iwan,

    Thanks for finding this its quite interesting!


  19. Can I have blank nets of wright solar optare solo optare versa optare excel Volvo pallieden

  20. My email is and can I put them on my blog

  21. Where’s the bus?

  22. To Connor,

    Sorry for the delay I will send it now.


  23. I haven’t got the right one Kerion, I asked for the Wright Eclipse with just the number at the back like on the Park & Ride bus.

  24. To Blackpool Tram Nets,

    You can put them on your BLOG as long as you quote Peter Fray for the blank net.


  25. Where can I get a time table for pound rider bus?

  26. Hi,
    There are timetables available on the Connect Tees Valley website showing there are timetable changes on the 7th of July.


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