Posted by: SB Websites | March 18, 2012

First York Park & Ride

York have many Park and Ride routes that head from the outskirts of the city to the city centre. The routes are all single numbered and are operated by articulated Mercedes-Benz Citaro’s and rigid Volvo B7RLE / Wright Eclipse’s. They all wear a silver basecoat with the Council logo and Park & Ride logo. Along with the appealing arrows with the slogans “Free Parking, Low Fares, Frequent Service”. Below are 11111 BG58 OMF and 69373 YJ08 XYN.




  1. The Wright Eclipse net is wrong,In Real Life they dont have full rear dest,Just standerd ones

  2. To Malcolm,

    This has now been changed thanks.


  3. Any Chester Park and Ride Buses?

    David Swift.

  4. Unfortunately not David.


  5. can put red line 2 on first park and ride plase on two of them plase

  6. To Sam,

    Requests are no longer being taken.


  7. its a good bus

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