Posted by: SB Websites | March 1, 2012

Centrebus Scania OmniCity

Scania OmniCity’s run on the dedicated Leeds – Bradford Airport service and were finished in a silver basecoact livery but now wear the current centrebus livery of white, orange and blue. Below is YN03 UWS.



  1. do you have a new painter now?

  2. To Daniel,

    This is correct. I allow personal friends of mine to create the nets if they want to and to posted onto the BLOG.


  3. ah. even though I am not a friend, may I make some nets for you?

  4. To Daniel,

    Personal friends only I’m afraid.


  5. oh, cuz I have a net that I would like to publish

  6. To Daniel,

    Sorry no can do. You are very welcome to start you own site.


  7. hi does durham district service have any buses for sale? i have some if you want to do a swap.

  8. what is Peter Fray’s email?

  9. To Iwan,

    As shown above, there are no vehicles for sale.


  10. thanks for this,could you also do

    Transdev York 1064 Y164HRN Volvo B10BLE Wright Renown
    Dest:844 Tadcaster Garret Ln

    the rear is dark blue


  11. To Malcom,

    Requests are not currently being accepted. Please resend your request when they are being accepted once again.


  12. would you like to buy or swap and buses with me i have some new ones.
    thanks iwan

  13. Yes please Iwan

  14. sorry the offer is only to keiron.

  15. To Iwan,

    Depends, what have you got for sale?


  16. i have
    06/56 rge dennis dart slf mk 2
    x2 07 reg enviro 200
    optare spectra
    optare vecta
    alexander 400 trident x2 v/53 regs
    06 reg dennis dart mpd
    mcv evolution x 2
    plaxton beaver

    also i have some 61 regs and 12s if you would like to name what you want.i would swap for
    wright commanders, enviros or old buses.
    thanks iwan

  17. i also have soem old buses i have a
    leyland national
    mcv metrobus
    scania olympian

    thanks iwan

  18. To Iwan,

    May I purchase your 53 and V reg ALX400 Tridents?


  19. yes do you have any buses i could have and do a swap

  20. whats your email so i can send them and would you swap any buses.
    thanks iwan
    ps i have just got another v reg alexander trident if you want that as well.

  21. Hello,
    Can you make a East Lancs Esteem bodied Scania N230UB in Centrebus Livery (709 K6 YCL)

  22. Please visit!page3/cee5 for a photo of 709 K6 YCL if it helps if you can make the net

  23. SORRY fault with my site I cannot add my recent pictures of 709. Visit this site to see it and I meant K5 YCL (708) : And can you put “Luton Interchange B” on the front please?

  24. Destination is “Luton Interchange” and Route is “B”

  25. To Charlie Blagg,

    Thanks, this will now be added to the request list.


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