Posted by: SB Websites | March 1, 2012

Arriva Durham County CX05 EOV

Liverpool Scania OmniCity’s CX05 EOV/W/Y were released from their 500 route connecting Liverpool and John Lennon Airport with Mercedes Citaro Bend’s from London which were painted in the same white and blue livery. Arriva North East purchased the 3 Scania OmniCity’s for Durham depot to operate alongside the 7 other OmniCity’s on all Durham routes. They have had their luggage racks removed and the interior refurbished with the new moquette on the seats and new flooring. They have been numbered 4643, 4644 and 4645 and currently only CX05 EOV is in service as the others have had a delay with seat legs from Scania. Below is CX05 EOV.



  1. Great net mate 🙂 Few things:

    CX05 EOX didn’t exist, it was CX05 EOW 🙂
    The Bendies that replaced them are in normal Arriva interurban, but some should be getting painted up soon.

    Apart from that, spot on, good work! 🙂

  2. To Daniel,

    Thanks for that, it will be changed now.


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