Posted by: SB Websites | February 24, 2012

Arriva Derby Optare Solo SR’s

Arriva UK have many different types of vehicles, but in some areas they have more high quality vehicles such as these Optare Solo SR slimlines with Arriva Derby, below is one on the 33 and one on the 36.



  1. Amazing! But there is The Odd Problem, The 33 Destiantion is

    Blagreaves Lane
    via Littleover

    But This is AMAZING! Thank you Very Much!

  2. To Jack,

    Thats fine, I will change it now!


  3. Ok, Thank you Very Very Much! This is a Master Piece!

  4. By the way, When will People be able to Request Paperbuses Again?

  5. To Jack,

    Thanks alot, I’m not sure yet exactly. I was going to wait for a reasonable amount but the list is quite small now. I will have a talk wiht Matthew and see what we come up with.


  6. Ok, I Have in Mind what My Favorite Bus is and I’m Thinking What Next! I’m Not choose now Because The Request List is on “6” Now. I Would Like a Few Buses, but I May do them Myself, Saves you Time!

  7. Keiron, how long until my Renown will be done? And you forgot to add my Stagecoach Commander 120 Halfway Tram Stop to the list. I’m excited to see what it will look like, by the way. I’d like 2 buses to be made for the 51 Renown please, here they are: & and with this one . Sorry about all this

  8. To Connor,

    As I have said before. You asked me to do the net after I stopped requests so could not accept it. Requests will be accepted once again when I say so and you can give me your requests then.


  9. What?

  10. Connor, Don’t Rush Keiron with the Orders! He Chooses How long it Takes for them to be Done! So Wait with the Rest of Us and Wait!

  11. Kerion, I asked if you could add Cadet to the list, or some admin. They said “Ok, this will be added to the request list”

  12. To Connor,

    I was not aware of this. Sorry about that but it was not to be put on the list as I had removed the requests after you made it. You can just request it again when the list is empty.


  13. Kieron, remember! My request about a southern england bus!

  14. Guys/Girls, Keiron is in Change of this Blog, Don’t tell him what to do!

  15. @above, I was just reminding him!

  16. Keiron, 2915 is YJ09 MLO Not YJ09 MLN

  17. To Jack,

    Thanks, this will be changed.


  18. Optare Solo 3D

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