Posted by: SB Websites | February 24, 2012

A-Line Enviro 200

A-Line are another small independent based in East Tyneside in Pelaw. They had a generally old fleet consisting of a Dennis Lance / Plaxton Verde and a few Optare Excels. But recently they purchased an Enviro 200 Dart for the 994 contract which was lost by Go North East. Below is SN59 AXA in the very basic livery.



  1. This bus was Also at Derby, It was used when 9 Solo SRs went to Malta for 3 Months! They are Back Now and The Enviro 200s have Passed on in Life 😦

  2. I am sure they will live on to a great company, don’t worry. 🙂

  3. This bus is in the ARRIVA Categorie! Is this a ARRIVA Company?

  4. To Jack,

    Thanks for noticing this, they are definitely not part of Arriva!


  5. can you do nets again now, only 6!

  6. remember, it is still Daniel here! No, not Daniel Picken

  7. and I am making a paper-bus net for you.

  8. can you do the new diamond livery ?

  9. To Ben,

    This has been added to the Nets in the News section.


  10. can you do my request now and do a lothian enviro 400 plz?

  11. To Daniel,

    This has been added as its a related Newsworthy North East livery. I put it on as photos of it have just come out today and it’s just coincidence that Ben also wanted it. So he hasnt requested and requests are still not being accepted until the list is empty.


  12. no! The maroon, gold and white ones!

  13. as well as the southern ones! links:
    New Hybrid Bus in West Street, Reading

  14. merry christmas! 🙂

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